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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silver Spoon Bracelets and Apologies For Being A Bad Blogger

I apologize deeply for not keeping up with my blog. Things are rough for everyone these days, so it's hard to just keep things going in my own home :D My daughter has a new baby, grandson #3, my fourth grandchild, and he keeps us busy making sure that he's spoiled rotten! My husband is gone, and my daughter just started work again now that the baby is 2 months old, so I'm watching the little precious precious. I don't have time to do everything I want to get done, I just want to sleep a lot, too,lol. One morning I woke up very early with a headache, and I got so sick for a few hours. Finally my sister took me to the emergency room and they took me right back; my blood pressure was extremely high so I got a few shots of demerol and phenergen, and when that didn't work they gave me something else...I don't remember. But they did give me another blood pressure medication and I'm still trying to find out if that's going to work. The doctor also told me my arteries had narrowed and I have an enlarged heart. Well, great. It sure is awful getting old! So try to bear with me, I may start a project but by nightfall I could have completely forgotten all about it,lol. I started some bracelets and finished some of them. Those were quick so I had time to start and finish in one sitting and I'll post some photos.

Here's a very pretty monogrammed handle with freshwater cultured pearls. The handle was from a gravy ladle, and the pearls from an old broken necklace. I love the look the two make together. It has a nice toggle clasp.

My daughter in law Michelle gave me these turquoise glass beads, and they go great with the silver handle of this spoon.

Two silver handles make this bracelet with a large swarovski crystal and silver beads in the center.

Two silver handles with some smaller swarovski crystals. I love these crystals, they're so sparkly!

An old silver handle with black sparkly beads individually placed along a silver chain.

A very pretty floral silver handle with freshwater cultured pearls and a toggle clasp. I may have enough of these pearls for one or two more bracelets.

This is another string of turquoise glass beads Michelle gave me. They're on a silver handle with a toggle clasp.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I made this pink bracelet in honor of it. Assorted beautiful pink beads with a heart shaped toggle clasp.

I love to use old broken jewelry. Here's a silver handle with vintage pearls and a toggle clasp.

Look what MeMe Aunt Patsy got little Zach!

Zach aged 2 months....."when God created Grandmas...

"he gave the best to me"....awwwww! and he's just adorable in it!

See how happy he is!

Such a doll! Yes, his hair is all falling out. He helps, he found his hair and rubs it and pulls it all the time! It looks like the new hair is coming in very dark, almost black.


BrushedByAnAngel said...

So glad to see you back!! You certainly have had a busy life. I really love the bracelets, especially the first one because it has my initial on it. Congrats on the new baby, the best job in the world is a grandbaby, especially when they look up at you and smile, like they just know it.

Kudzu said...

oh thsnk you so much :D he is really spoiled,lol. I like to hold him early in the morning, he's so warm and soft and smells like...a baby :D the best thing about being a MeMe is giving the babies back to The!

I'm learning how to use my Dremel thanks to my nephew; I hope I can figure out everything I need to know just for making a bracelet and then make a tutorial :D


vintagesue said...

oh my gosh....regards to you big time!!! get well and take it easy. i know what you mean by feeling busy to the point of being overwhelmed. my husband is never home and my kids make me nuts!!! lol. i just found out i have super high cholesterol and i feel old, old, old. haha.
i hope things start calming down, but i guess that is hard with your baby grandson. he is a peach, but those lil ones really are a round the clock sleep!! i let both of mine sleep with me for the longest time. my daughter just turned 4 and she still snuggles with me at night. oh well...
I LOVE your bracelets!!!!! the are perfection. lovely!! how did you make little holes in the spoon handles and bend them so perfectly??? awesome!!!! lil projects are the perfect distraction from busy days, aren't they?
please take care and glad to have you back!!

The JR said...

Sorry to hear about your BP and heart. Hope you are feeling better.

The bracelets are beautiful!

Zach is a cutie!

concretenprimroses said...

Hi there, sorry to hear about the difficulties, but glad to hear that joy is mixed in.
And you still found time to make those lovely bracelets and share them with us. They are wonderful!

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