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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Necktie Daisy Tutorial, Geaux Saints, A Hurricane??

Here's a cute craft made from tips of neckties. This could be a lapel pin or a hair accessory.

Isn't it sweet?

This one uses 6 tie tips. The center is a flat button covered in batting, and a piece of black tie scrap gathered over it. Start by gathering up the cut edges of your tie tips, all on the same thread.

When you get to the last one, pull them tight, and stitch the petals together. Sew the covered button to the center, and sew your felt and pin backing or bobby pin to the back.


I made some headbands which I thought were cute. I'll try to come back tomorrow and show them and how they're made.

I got a chance to go to the thrift store this week. I got some more ties, and this mans suit coat. I was thinking of a tote or maybe checkbook covers or something made from suits and ties.

2 quilted pillow shams, machine quilted, I don't know what brand, but very nice; I'm also thinking tote bags from these,too. And...believe it or not I was looking for a nice silk shirt or something similar to use for lining totes with, and found this "satin" king sized sheet for .99. Perfect! They go with all these tapestry printed table runners I bought at a yard sale to make bags from. I love it when a plan comes together!


Well, the Saints are really somethin' this year, huh?? 8-0


What the heck...a hurricane in November. Dammit. I am so NOT in the mood. heh

The stores are busy selling out of water and batteries and gas and any food that might work during those weeks or months of no electricity. I still have some MRE's stored in the laundry room, so we're good as long as the house doesn't blow away. I need to go buy water. Buy water. ha. That sounds so weird. And buy some gas. And maybe a fan.
Maybe it won't be so bad.
the last time we had a 100mp hurricane we lost 5 or 6 power poles on our road, snapped off like toothpicks. We were only out of power for a week, but that's a long time if the temperature is around 90 or 100 and the bees and wasps and mosquitos are out.

I'm not sure I want to leave if it's under or at Cat3. It's hard to decide since Katrina. Who wants to come home and find your home damaged not only by a hurricane but by looters?


BrushedByAnAngel said...

Kudzu, I live right here on the coast and they have already announced that school will be out for the next two days - the kids are so excited. I need to go fill up my tank, after Hurricane Ivan left such destruction in our town, I am not taking any chances.

What is it they always say - Hunker down?

Kudzu said...

hi...things changed overnight,but still going to keep an eye out! no school closings, but everyone i know is keeping their children home. weird, because the first thing that happens is road flooding!

we'll hunker down,too!

The JR said...

I hope the weather doesn't get bad. Good luck.

Love your projects.

Jean Tuthill said...

I hope everything is OK for you. I'll say a prayer for you. I really like your necktie pins, so cute. Hang in there and let us know how you make out.