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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paper Bead Necklace

As soon as I found an article about paper beads, I was hooked. There's paper EVERYWHERE...torn pages from books, newspapers, magazines, old I said, EVERYWHERE :D I've made hundreds of beads but not much jewelry yet. Then the other day I was wandering the 'net and saw a video tutorial from Threadbanger and just loved the necklace tutorial they showed, so I finally made myself something!

Check out the video tutorial by Threadbanger here.....then go to here, to see how to cut out different shapes and read some fun facts about paper beads :D

I'm cheap, so I use a coat or two of clear nail polish (something else that's always around the house!) to get mine super shiny. But try some clear gloss spray to cover them all at once.

And's my version of Threadbanger's necklace. I used rice paper and black hemp, and a couple silver colored beads on the ends. I love it! You can make it any length it needs to be. Probably not good for young children because of a choking hazard!!!

Now go make something!


The JR said...

I like it too! I don't have time for any other hobbies right now, but need to remember it for colder weather.

Kudzu said...

this would be perfect! it's good for me for inside for the summer:D humidity is jungle hot!
thanks for the sweet comments:D