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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Necktie Rose Tutorial

Let's make a rose pin out of a pretty necktie! I'm not very good at directions, but I tried to take lots of photos!

You'll need:
needle and thread
felt or backing of choice
pin or bobby pin or snap clip

Cut a length from narrow end, somewhere between 20" to 30" long. Cut off folded tip. Leave about an inch and a half of fabric at the end below the tip, and save for another pin tutorial! (daisy tie tip pin tutorial)
You'll see the manufacturer's basting stitches, find a loose end of it and pull those stitches out. Now remove the lining fabric.

Open up and pin together raw edges.

Fold over the tip by your needle and thread. This will be the center of your rose. I used about a 35" length of thread so I could sew the whole rose pin in one sitting :D Take a few stitches and tack down. Now start making running/gather stitches.

Begin to roll your gathered edge around the fold; take a few stitches as you go. I make the first couple rolls tighter than the last rolls.

Right away you should begin to see a rose shape forming. Way to go!! Now keep up the same steps....running stitch..gather....tack down....all the while, turning your rose around and keeping an eye on the shape coming out. If you don't like the shape, you can tighten or loosen your gathering.

Isn't it coming out so cute?? Gather and stitch til you're almost at the end.

You're almost there!

This is how it looks from the back.

Now fold in the raw edges, and make a running stitch through it.

Tack down the end near the bottom side.

My batteries died...had to stop everything and go buy some. Look at those cute pink batteries! Now back to the rose pin :D Want some leaves? I'm going to make some out of wire edged ribbon. This is 1 1/2 " wide and 3" long. Fold it like the photo.

Take some running stitches across the bottom of the leaf. Gather it up and stitch it to the bottom. Do the same with the other leaf.

Cut out your piece of felt and cut 2 slits into it and slide the pin backing or bobby pin into it and stitch down.

Finished...beautiful! Now make some more for your sisters, aunts, cousins, kids and grandkids teachers, sell some, make money to buy more stuff :D

Next time....another necktie flower pin tutorial!


concretenprimroses said...

This is so cute Cherry! I wonder if my dh is ready to get rid of any of his neckties?

Kudzu said...

thank you kathy! i plan on going thrifting tomorrow, the one day everything is half off, and buy some more ties. i still need to finish the granddaughters skirt, and i'm using a regular width tie, and wide width ties alternating.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Another creative idea. Very pretty.


Jeanette said...

A necktie has never been so pretty.