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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kitchen Junk Birdfeeder-Tutorial

Make your own birdfeeder out of stuff you probably already have. This one is tested at my own home...I have two myself! works great and the birds love it. It's nice and colorful,too.

Here's what you'll need:

an old tin, preferably round, but one that fits inside the lid you choose
an old enamel lid, one with chips and dents in is just perfect; or an old metal pie tin
a can of clear spray to protect your feeder from rust and fading
jack chain- I used 3 feet (36")
"S" hook-if needed
a bolt, nut, and 2 washers
punch type can opener

Gather supplies (all supplies needed are not shown-sorry!)

Use the punch type can opener to make holes in the bottom sides of your tin (for the birdseed to come out) and use your hammer and nail to make a hole in the top of the lid for the chain to fit through (you might need to use your screwdriver to make this hole large enough), and one in the bottom of the tin for the bolt to fit through; and to make a hole in the old lid or pie pan for the bolt to fit through. You may have to go in at an angle if you're using an old lid. Now take the tin outside and give it a couple coats of clear spray, don't forget the bottom!; follow the can directions.

this shows the hole in the bottom of the tin

this shows the hole in the lid(or pie pan) for the bolt to go through

this one shows the hole in the lid of the tin for the chain to fit through

Now that it's dry, put a washer on your bolt and fit it through the top of the enamel lid (or pie pan) which will be the bottom of the feeder;


slip the bottom of the tin over that, then the chain(through one of the links in the chain); then another washer, and last..the nut. Finger tighten it, then hold the nut with pliers while you tighten the bolt with your screwdriver.

Put the chain through the lid and add the "S" hook if you need one.


Now add some birdseed and you're all finished!

You could put some more holes in it a couple inches from the bottom to slip some old twigs in for the birds to perch on if you want.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and let me know if I left something out....because I had lots of help from a little boy who sat here telling me Star Wars stories, and showing me his Slinky-and how it works- because I might not have had a Slinky in the "olden days", and reminding me IronMan 2 comes out on MAY7thMemeMAY7thdon'tforgetitcomesoutonMAY7thINTHEATERSNEARYOUMEME.


Happy Junking,


concretenprimroses said...

A wonderful idea, and excellent tutorial. Thank goodness for helpers too!

Vintage Christine said...

That is too cute and the instructions are so clear that even someone with two thumbs (ME) might be able to make it. The birds sure would appreciate it. The sun has at last decided to appear after last night's wild thunderstorms so may be able to venture out for supplies. Thanks Meme!

The JR said...

LOL...sounds like you had a lot of good help.

I've been working on my show shirts and glueing crystals to the fabric. I had to put my helpers up and boy was one of them mad about it.

Scrap Jaci said...

That is too clever and cute. Thanks for sharing!

Kudzu said...

i'm glad ya'll like it.....don't forget, you could use a coffee can and paint it...get the kids in on that..and use old metal cake pans or pie pans :D
i get plenty of help..LOL..the two puppies have to get in on the action,too!

do you have photos of your outfit yet ramona? i'll have to go check!


Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

HOW CUTE is that! I usually paint those lids, now I have another idea!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am so behind on visiting everyone's blogs. My students are knee-deep in projects since we are getting close to the end of the school year, so i think I will catch up on reading blogs while they are working!

Jill said...

Very neat Kudzu! I will definitely try this, sooner than later I hope. I can just hear your little guy there chatting away--I still have little ones and even though frustrating at times, they are just so fun aren't they?!

Selina Cook said...

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