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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pearls!.....we love our pearl jewelry! Let's go make some!!

In your yard sale adventures this week-end, keep your eyes on the look-out for pearls. Vintage pearls or Mardi Gras pearls, even if they're knotted on their string, we can make something a little more modern to wear. You'll need these "ingredients":

For the first necklace:
1.) a string of pearls; loose or knotted or Mardi Gras pearls (Michael's has a string of pearls for $1 )
2.) some satin ribbon- $1 a spool at Dollar Tree
3.) needle and strong thread, like quilting or buttonhole thread, to match the ribbon
4.) an old earring or fancy button to glue onto your necklace
5.) strong glue; or hot glue gun and sticks

Here's a black satin and pearl necklace I made a little while back, very cute! Find some directions here at The Examined Life

This is one I made a while back, I love the black and white together, the bow, the rhinestones-and wearing it with jeans! When your necklace is all finished, tie a bow around one end to hide anything that might not be too neat  (!!!what!!!-yeah, I'm a mess lately!) Sew or glue, a button, or old earring to the other end. What would we do without hot glue guns??  I wish I knew where I put my glue sticks, both sizes; I really need them!

This one is really easy to make...I used a strand of brown/copper colored glass pearls, and an elastic hair tie. Cut the hair tie in the center, and with your needle and thread begin by sewing it to one end of your hair tie, then stringing your pearls ( you may not use the whole strand. It will depend on how long you want it to be ) when it's as long as you like it, sew the other end of your hair tie to it. I finished up by gluing some grosgrain that matched to cover the elastic. If I'd thought this through first, I would've used beads or something else besides the grosgrain; I'm definitely not liking it anymore!  lol )

 Here are some of your "ingredients"....earrings not shown, sorry guys!

 This is a silvery-gray piece of satin that I cut a strip out of to make this twisted rose. There are too many tutorials out there to make another one  *wink 
use an old earring, or one of the pretty rhinestone beads from Michael's or Hobby Lobby (don't forget to use your 40% or 50% off coupons!)

 I sewed this one on, and covered the back with a piece of the satin. I also sewed on the rose, and cut out a circle to cover the back. You could use felt or fleece, that would be soft against your skin.

 Do you have some pearl Mardi Gras beads? or a piece of old Dress-Up jewelry from your daughter or granddaughter?  I cut a length of the pearls to fit my wrist.

 I used the larger beads for a bracelet using 2 pieces of fabric I tore off of a fat-quarter I bought at Walmart. You can use an old shirt or something like it. I'm not sure how big they are-22" maybe? I used two of them. Use ribbon if you like, using the same method.

 Tie one to the other, about 8" down; tie in a knot. Now you have two strips of fabric. Braid all three together beginning at your knot. Tie another knot at the end Get your trusty hot glue gun out and glue those knots to the first and last pearls.

 Mine isn't very neat! Doesn't really matter, because you will be tying the bracelet on your wrist by tying it into a bow.

 These are smaller Mardi Gras beads. Cut a length to fit your wrist, and cut a length of ribbon about 30" or so.

I tied the ribbon to the pearls about 8" down, and began a blanket stitch type of braiding on this one. If you ever were in the Brownies or Girl Scouts, or camp-you'll remember how to make it. I couldn't get very good photos of this, maybe the ribbon is too light. It's a pale, sheer green to match a dress.

 Tie a knot at the end Now go back and hot glue the knots to your first and last beads. I left longer ends on this one so I could wear it as a bracelet or a necklace.

I have a feeling this is going to be confusing,lol, but I hope not!

Next time-leather scraps-start looking for old belts, purses, boots, lacing....and we'll make something pretty  <3 br="">

 Go make something!

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Cara Merawat Tanaman Tomat said...

it's pretty amazing, thanks for the tutorial, now I can make 1 for myself