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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Now for something completely different. I've been checking out a few button bracelets made by crafters all around the world. I remember my mother having a huge box of buttons, and it was like playing with a treasure chest. All those rhinestones and pearls and the beautiful colors. I'd pick out my favorites and set them on top of my hand and imagine they were rings covering every finger. After looking at about a dozen bracelets,loving each one of them, I decided to make some. I had a lot of inexpensive silver plated chain left from making all those spoon bracelets, and enough findings to make several. After getting out the old blue mason jar full of buttons, I dumped them out into a large mixing bowl and began to choose the ones I'd use first. This one with small colored buttons and a set of matching beads didn't take long to make. Maybe an hour. I used some jump rings to go through the button holes, and used eye pins to hold the beads between the buttons,and finished it off with a lobster clasp. The next one was made with some earthy colored buttons and pearls. I love how they came out. But I wanted more....more buttons, more danglies,more like a charm bracelet! So I used these lighter weight eye pins and sort of wrapped the whole thing through and around a white button. I had no idea what I was doing, but it looked great to me. Here's a couple I made like that. There's one that I used nothing but pearly shank buttons on, and I used jump rings to hold those on. But I still wanted one that had lots and lots of buttons on it, and by that time I'd found a lot of leftover clear acrylic beads from some beaded ribbon I'd used on my birdhouses. These just had to go on a bracelet...for me...LOL! Oh, maybe I can get a better photo of that one later, I see it isn't very clear. And I'll take a photo of another white button one I made and added silver heart charms to. Hmmmmmm....I wonder how I'd look with some matching buttons hanging off my ears?

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Bev said...

I love the bracelet you made with the shank buttons! Love the color combo. You did great for your first time.