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Monday, October 13, 2008

Bottle Cap Charms and More Button Fairies

Here's a Halloween Craft...recycle some metal bottle caps! My daughter saved me some pretty Smirnoff bottle caps, and HossFly and I added a couple nice Miller Lite bottle caps. And wouldn't you know everything went wrong. I should've checked this morning, but it took til this evening for me to find out the batteries are dead in the cordless drill. Both of them. And where did I leave the clear acrylic spray? Who knows. I'll find it when I'm looking for something else :) I can't be the only crafter this happens to. All the time.
So let's just imagine what this bracelet will look like after I find all my supplies.....there's two ways I can finish this. I can either drill a hole in the top of the bottle cap,add a jump ring, and hang them on a chain. Or I can drill a hole on each side of the bottle cap, add jump rings, and connect them together. Now I'm not sure how I want it because I had too much time to think about it!
To make these I used some stickers from the Dollar Store about the same size as the bottle cap. These were smaller, so I stuck them to orange or black crepe paper. Use what you like, maybe pretty card stock or gift wrap. Then I cut them out into a circle the size of the inside of the cap and glued them on. Using some pliers, I smashed down the crimped edges of the bottle cap to the inside. If I'd found my clear acrylic spray I would've given it a nice coat or two of that and after it dried, I'd assemble it.
I took a photo of some more Button Fairy bodies,too.

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