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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Every Diva Needs A Crown-Even Snow Divas! has this ornament/decoration and tutorial! I'd always wanted to at least try this little cutie since I always have the supplies on hand to make it.( I just have a hard time finding stuff!) Yesterday I finally found the cotton cosmetic rounds. I know I must have put them in the cast iron skillet for safe keeping. So I'd remember where they were if I ever needed them. In the kitchen. On top of the dryer... *sigh* surely one of these days I'll be called to intervene on some cotton cosmetic round the kitchen... and I'll be prepared. Somebody remind me to put them back where I found them after I'm finished...oh,and can you tell me which safe place I put the colored toothpicks?? I just need the orange ones :D
Ok,ya'll *blush* I can't be the only unorganized person in Crafty Goodness Land! Just wait, I'll get a lot worse in the future, and you'll feel bad for laughing at me! I noticed symptoms rapidly accelerating the day after I started this blog, so obviously it's caused by blogging and ya'll are doomed to suffer along with me...and now I forgot what I was talking about......

Gather up your supplies

white cotton cosmetic rounds
white school glue or tacky glue
* I just use cheap old school glue for everything!
small bottle of black dimensional paint
small bottle of orange dimensional paint
*I still haven't found my ginormous box of paints(no,really!) so I improvised and used whole cloves*cut the tops off and use them for eyes and mouth, and use one stem if desired for nose
and colored sequins..I chose silver and pink
and was GONNA use the orange toothpicks for a nose..but I lost them,too! if you have some, just cut the tip off the length you want your snowman nose to be
your favorite method of aging white fabrics(use Char's method over at The Pickled Pepper Patch...the recipe is in the No Sew Icicles post)
very fine glitter
*I used a lavender/white pearly and also a green/white pearly for mine
baby sock to make a stocking cap
*I cut out pieces of lace that resembled crowns for my Divas to strut around in and after dipping them in the fabric stiffener( cheap school glue!) I sprinkled gold glitter on some and silver on others
a silver pipe cleaner

The directions say use waxed paper, but I chose aluminum foil(uhh,because I'm out of waxed paper :D ) Lay out your sheet of waxed paper on a cookie sheet. Use a small container and squeeze about 2 tablespoons of white glue into it. Add about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of water and mix well. If you choose to age the cotton round, use the aging recipe instead of water. Drop a cotton round in and make sure it's saturated, and then squeeze the excess out. Smooth it out and lay on waxed paper, and reshape it. After you've finished and they're all laid out waiting to dry, this is a good time to add blush to the cheeks. Use a cotton swab, or your finger. I use my finger myself because I can never find the cotton swabs! Dip finger in blush-use the cheap brand of blush! Gently pat where you want the blush to be. If you put too much blush, just rinse it off and dip it back in glue and start over. Now sprinkle your magic pixie dust(glitter) all over the damp cotton rounds!!Heat your oven to low..I put mine on 200*F, and place cookie sheet in oven. Check in about 5 minutes to see if they've started drying. Don't forget to shut the oven off (this time) Once they've dried, then you're ready to make a face. I mean, give the Snowman a face!*blush* For the Prim version that I've tea stained, I used whole cloves and clipped the tops off for eyes and mouth, or use black paint to make 2 round eyes. Save one of the stems to use as a nose if you can't find your orange toothpicks, or use the paint to make a carrot shaped nose. Use 5 dots of paint for the mouth use 5 cloves. Glue down what needs to be glued :D Now, find a little baby sock, you know you have some because you can't throw ANYTHING away and you have a box full of single socks your 32 year old son used to wear when he was a newborn :D (I'm kidding! Don't use those..they're SPECIAL" ,lol!) Find some at a yard sale, people usually give them away :D Cut the top of the sock off by the heel, to make a stocking cap for your snowman. Here you could add a little pompom in the top of the cap. Add a string for hanging and there ya go! Oh, except maybe a little tiny decoration on the cap like a teensy snowflake or teensy tiny holly...

Here's what mine looked like after I put them in the glue-water mixture. The prim/grungy ones had a little of Char's Aging Mixture used on it

This is a prim/grungy one with a baby-sock cap. There's something too "clean" about it, so I thought maybe it needed flannel. I asked HossFly if he'd let me have one of his old shirts and he said he didn't have any. "ok, ya gonna give me a new one?" hehe...but no he says..."I don't have any flannel shirts anymore" what??? *sigh* I guess I won't be singing the Lumberjack song to him anymore. They never let me have any fun. Oh wait a minute!......we'll ask Santa to bring him flannel! Lots and Lots of Flannel...what? Hoss says I've gone off track again..

This is my Snow Diva. She has a few of the Diva requirements...Glitter,Sequins,a Tiara, and Pink.
And now she has a nose!( sorry about that, I just couldn't put my finger on WHAT I'd forgotten! But now she has an orange sequin nose :D I glued a silver pipe cleaner around her before adding the pink tulle scarf. It's just the right length to fold in half, glue on the edges, and twist together at the top for a hanger. Or attach a piece of fishing line or thread to hang from the tree or as a package decoration. I think it would make a great hang tag for a gift, you can write on the back with a paint pen or a permanent marker.

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