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Friday, November 7, 2008

Now For Something Crafty

I'm pretty disappointed in my tin can luminarias, but that's all my own fault*blush* I should have chosen a design that was simpler and would easily show up at night. At least it smells good...thanks to that huge box of vanilla tea lights I bought for a quarter at a yard sale this summer. There's a spicy apple scent,too. MmmMMMmm :D Perhaps a few more holes and it'll work? Maybe someone can point me in the right direction for some patterns...

Some tamale cans we washed and removed the labels, they're a nice size for this sort of project. Fill them with water and freeze. More than likely the bottom will push itself out. No worries, just drill the holes, or use a hammer and a nail to make the holes, remove the ice, and flip the can over and hammer it back in.
Find a pattern you like and draw it on paper, and cut it to fit the can. Wrap tape around it to hold it on. Packing tape would be best, but I had to use regular tape today. I'd like to have a bird pattern.

As you can see, the pattern I chose isn't working :D LOL I'll try to tweak it tomorrow.

Last year at the clearance sales after Christmas, I bought these little trees that had bells hanging on them. At the time I thought I'd just love to yank the bells off and use them for some little something or other. I painted some with pastel glitter nail polish :D I love how they look! I found them the other day and thought "wow, I can make some teensy little ornaments for these!", so I took them out and painted them both white. Only because I had no more pink spray paint left! One of them should have been pink. ( oh, before I forget, I went to WalMart where they've transformed the Garden Department to a Christmas Wonderland, and saw some sweet little table-top sized pre-lit trees. They come in white, pink or lavender! I'm gettin' me a pink one..I have spoken! Where was I??.....oh! I painted them white and here they are. Wish I could solder, and I will learn this, maybe Santa will get me a how-to for Christmas and lots of goodies to go with it.. I'd make some pretty charms for it.

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