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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cinnamon Stick Snowman

A while back I made cinnamon stick Santas. This time it's Snowmen! You can use them as ornaments, or use them to stir hot tea or cocoa. All I did was paint them white near the top of the stick, then I added the fingers cut from an old glove for his hat.( I got that idea from Garden Junk but I forget who mentioned it) I tied black thread around the hat to make it look more like a top hat and to hold it on better. Then I pulled some pieces from some pine garland and glued them on, along with a small red seed bead. The glue is still wet in the photo :D I used a pink colored pencil, or use some blush on a cotton swab, for the cheeks, and I used a paint pen to dot on eyes and a mouth. The nose is an orange glitter glue pen. Cute! Really inexpensive,too, I buy cinnamon sticks at the dollar stores, these are about 6".


Katrina said...

those are adorable!

Kudzu said...

Thanks, Katrina!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kudzu. Your snowmen are very cute. I haven't seen cinnamon sticks at our dollar store.