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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coffee Filter Roses

I finally got floral tape and made these last night. I think they look very realistic. I also made 3 pink ones, but I haven't finished them yet. Later, I'm going to work on some more, probably red ones. I'd like to find some silk leaves that look nice to go with them.
Here they are on top of one of the hat boxes I made. I found these on Martha Stewart, made by a lady named Cassie. The link to her site,Mommy Makes Roses is here.

I'm happy with how they turned out.


cindee said...

Wow those are great!! They look so real! Coffee filters? I gotta check out the site.(-: Are you making them for Christmas gifts of just for you?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those are great!

Sunday Girl said...

Kudzu, those are beautiful! You have to show me how you did it. :)

Kudzu said...

Yeah, wow! I couldn't believe a coffee filter would look so beautiful! lol....they're cone shaped coffee filters, I have 80 in a pack for $1, 8 filters makes 1 rose. I'm pretty sure there are other places to buy cheaper filters, but Dollar General was closer,lol, and they also had water colors. If I were you,though, go ahead and buy the tubes of watercolors in the shades you want, I ran out of the kiddie watercolor paint after 6 roses! I cut out enough for 6 roses at one time by placing 6 filters on top of each other. And really, they look harder to make than they actually are :D Give it a try, I sat at the table working on them while watching TV.

This is my new favorite craft!