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Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day

I wasn't going to sit home today, I made sure I did what I promised. HossFly took me to town and I chose some flowers for my baby-man's grave. The swag made from grapevine wreath seemed to be the one to get, he would like that. It did need some extra blooms and greenery, so I added that. I walked around after, looking at the tombstones,reading the names and taking photos of them. I couldn't stay long with the bad weather moving in. It started raining right after I placed the swag. I did notice that the pewter fairy perched on a chunk of amethyst was gone. I bought that and placed it on the top of the headstone. I'll look for it again next time. A couple years ago someone took the marble chess set I placed there. He loved playing chess with his friends.


cindee said...

I love the headstone with the farm animals. That is what I would love and a dog too(-:
I am glad you got to get out. I know it must be a hard time for you.
I would never take anything from a cemetery. I don't know why people do that. My grandparents lived across from an Historical cemetery and people would vandalize the tombstones at times. It was very sad.
How did your son die? The way you mentioned his motorcycle was found on the parked on the road did not sound like it was an accident.

Susan S. said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your son. His children sound wonderful and are a real blessing to you. I think that's HIM in your previous post showing you that he's still very much present in your lives.

Tinta's Treasures said...

I am attracted to cemeteries. I've seen alot of abandoned cemeteries and think to myself, how can that happen? I am in the process of bringing an abandoned one back to life. Can you believe that a civil war vet is buried there and they just forgot about him. Everyone should be honored for their time that they spent making the world around them better. No matter how small of a contribution they may have made.
The day I turned 16 and they handed me my drivers license I went directly to the cemetery to show my parents. I knew that they were proud of me. I could feel it.
Cindy (tinta)

Kudzu said...

There are some old headstones there, a lot of veterans. My son is over by the huge live oak where my parents are buried. I'll go take more headstone photos later, it started raining that day. I'd found somewhere on a geneology site that wanted information on people buried there. It's an old family cemetary. My mother told us many times that we were both DAR(Daughters of the American Revolution))and Daughters of the Confederacy.
My son's death was suspicious, he was found kneeling but upright on the property of a character well known to authorities, who told me that that person didn't have long to live and would cost the taxpayers too much money to care for in the system.That person then died exactly 3 months later on Halloween.