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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks for all the warm wishes from ya'll :D I'm taking it easy, it's not a broken hip or even a fracture, the doctor only calls it "hip displacement" and I need to take it slow and try to lay flat. Next doctor's appointment is March 3.

Here's a photo of my front porch, and you can see I only have 2 steps to fall off of! embaressing! But I've been taking a lot of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, and I'm not a gymnast or cheerleader anymore and my mind and my body are not in synch these days! I made a couple crafts I'll take photos of some other time and post later.

Thank you all again for the warm wishes!


cindee said...

OH and I see handrails there to hold one to...(-: Its the pits getting older(-:
I love your front porch!!! It is really cool!!!

FlowerLady said...

Kudzu ~ You have such a great, positive spirit. You will be feeling better in time. Hopefully you'll be off the meds in no time, so that your mind and body will become healthy and in synch once again.

I love your front porch. Two steps is what I slipped off of also. We just have to go more slowly and watch where we are going. Hard to do sometimes when our minds our racing hither and yon.

Be well soon, and enjoy each day as it comes.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

misselaineous said...

Hey Cherry! I love your front porch! Looks like a nice place to sit and sip some sweet tea! I have 2 steps on my porch po'd at hubby one evening, stormed out the front door and promptly fell off the top step and broke my arm!! one of life's out for that first's a doozie!! hope you're better soon. *elaine*

faerie enchantment said...

No fall is a good fall, I hope you heal soon, sending magic and joy to you!

Kudzu said...

thank you all for the get well wishes I really appreciate it :D

suzeeez said...

Your little porch looks so nice and relaxing. Love the big green ferns. :o) Sue