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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cloche or Bell Jar? How About a Candle Holder!

a real quickie! I buy candle holders to use as bowling ball/gazing ball stands. These are round on the bottom and will not stand alone unless you turn them upside down.

I used these things...glue sheet moss to the sour cream lid and hot glue the glass candle holder over your design. I printed out a baby and some wings, used iced branches, silk flowers, star sequins and a butterflu sequin. I really wanted to glue my fake crystal drawer knobs, but couldn't find them right now...I see peeling off hot glue in the future :D Finish the edges with lace and ribbon.

sorry about the bad quality of the photos, but how do you photograph glass, LOL????


Tinta's Treasures said...

That's wonderful. The picture turned out good. Glass is hard to get a decent pic of.
Cindy (tinta)

Kudzu said...

thanks Tinta! I'm washing another pickle jar and planned a lot more captured fairies :D

cindee said...

That is adorable!

Felicia said...

Fabulous :)