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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr. Lizard Comes To Visit

Last year my sister brought her grandson's toy lizard to visit his Aunt Meme(that's Aunt Grandma,me!). She takes Mr. Lizard places she goes and sends him back to her grandson. Mr. Lizard has been to karate classes, the beach, now to the country. I took lots of photos of Mr. Lizard so her grandson could see what we did.

Mr. Lizard! How did you get way up there?? The sunflowers were over 12' tall last year, and Mr. Lizard is feeling dizzy!

Uh-oh! I told Uncle Pawpaw not to leave the keys in the riding mower!

Mr. Lizard! Leave those birds alone! Uh, he ate all the birdseed! And what happened to the birds???

Now what? He climbed up the tree to make friends! Hey, that bird isn't real, Lizard-Lizard!

Run Gomez, run... It's a trick! Mr. Lizard plays possum!

my grandchildren are on their way to the Emerald City with Mr. Lizard. Follow Mr. Lizard, he's got the map!

Oh no...Gomez!! I told you to run!

Here's Mr. Lizard wondering why there's plants in the shoes. Don't ask "why", Mr. Lizard!!

No, Mr. Lizard, we didn't forget to feed the cow!

Where did he go?? Hey! no, it's not a Jacuzzi!

Mr. Lizard likes pink!

Look at that grin. Mr. Lizard finds man-toys! Polish that up for me, Mr. Lizard!

Watch out! Quit leaving the keys laying around, ya'll! Come outta there, Mr. Lizard, you know your license was suspended...

Mr. Lizard putting the moves on Miss Water Fairy. What do you mean you thought it was a champagne fountain??? Get outta there!

Mr. Lizard picks out a sea shell for a souvenir.

NO!! That is NOT what happened to Rudolph!

Mr. Lizard, that's SAND, not SNOW. Somebody cut Mr. Lizard off, he's had enough.

Mr. Lizard met his long lost Uncle Croc. Don't cry, Lizard-Lizard. Ooops, Mr. Lizard is going back to the home. Wave bye, Mr. Lizard!


Tinta's Treasures said...

That is just too sweet!! Looks like Mr. Lizard had alot of fun.
Cindy (tinta)

Amber said...

What fun!! What a cute idea!!! TFS!

cindee said...

I loved the visit with Mr. Lizard!

Jean Tuthill said...

You had me from the start, rotflmao, how cute!