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Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back With Projects and Lots of Photos!!

I've been neglecting my blog. I have had trouble staying awake, and sometimes I sleep for a couple days. Sometimes I can't sleep at all! My last doctor's visit was a couple weeks ago, and I asked to change medications around so I can stay awake and care about my home and hobbies; so I quit taking Elavil for my depression and now I'm taking Ativan. I'm awake at night but sleepy during the day, so this sucks. One of these days we'll get all the medication straightened out....

But hey....I haven't been totally sleeping my life away!! lol I got a few things done, and took some photographs; some are old projects but I'm just getting up off my ass and getting them out for 2009 :D

Don't you just love those Dollar Stores??? Here's my grandson with his Lizard Egg in a jar. We watched it grow for a week, and this is day 2 here. You'll be happy to know we have a bouncing baby lizard stuck in a jar!

We cooked our special roast beef last night. After I sliced off the tops of a few carrots, I gave them to my grandson to grow. We hope to have some green tops by next week! Look at that huge dead ant...

Here is my Bundt Cake Planter from last year. Easy to make; I drilled holes on 3 sides, and bought some chain and some S-hooks from WalMart. Make sure you get the right size S-hook to fit, you don't want ones that are too small. There are pieces of disposable diaper in there so I don't have to water so often...this works amazingly well, and I got the diapers for free, lol! When I first made it, I wanted 3 Bundt pans chained together; maybe one day I'll finish that idea. Those Moss Rose are volunteers from last year. I have some in a big clay pot on the deck,too,and those are already blooming.

Here is the Butterfly Bush I bought last year. The hummingbirds and butterflies LOVE this and I'm glad I planted it here. I can smell the blossoms as soon as I open the front door, very sweet, like honey. Right now they're mixed with the scent of thousands of Mimosa blossoms and it's wonderful in the late afternoons when the sun is going down. By the back deck are Mimosas and Magnolias blooming, and that's wonderful,too!

This is also a project from last year. I just pulled it out, filled it with water and hung it on a hook on the front of the porch near my Butterfly Bush. This is an idea I got from one Margo made. It's an old glass lightshade and I used 3 wire coat hangers, and 3 white porcelain knobs, and some beads to put it together. The dog likes it. He doesn't have so far to go for a drink when he's sleeping on my white wicker settee...he built up an immunity or something to that spray that's supposed to keep animals off the furniture!!

Look! I HAVE been working on something....even if it IS that same tea set, lol! I had glued down one set of broken china pieces, then pried them up and glued these down....and that's as far as I got. You can see the watered down green paint I used to highlight the designs in the silver plate.

I hope this makes up a little for my infrequent posts :D
Take care everyone!

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CiNdEe said...

Wow you have done a lot(-: The butterfly bush is so pretty. I have a yellow one and another one I can't remember what color. Not blooming yet though.
The hanging waterer is cool! I need to find an old lamp shade now!
Sorry about your medication! I know how terrible that can be to sleep away your life. I was that way too then I quit taking my meds then went for a while then went back on I felt better for a while off them though. I have xanax incase of an anxiety attack. Summer time I do fine but then back to work and I am stressed out again. Last year was the year was difficult with my daughter getting married then divorced so I had to go back on the prozac again)-: Oh well I do what I have to to keep going! Then the asthma doesn't help either! I hope your meds get to working better for you! I miss your updates!!! Take care!!!!(-: