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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Little Tea Pot Baby and More Crafts

This is a photo of my youngest sister in her Christening gown, 1964. It was black and white, but I tinted it, and printed it out to make a fairy in a jar...then decided to use this yard sale tea pot and a silk rose. It needs something else....

Here's another one,this time using a baby I printed out before the computer was fried. I bought the little vase at the thrift store and used some cheap old silk flower and after I glittered the baby up..placed her in the flower. She also needs something else....

OOOoooh, one thing I see missing is...wings!

Did I already show this? I'm pretty sure I photographed it, and it's on my other hard drive, so I may have shown it. I had two little yard sale cups just alike, and let my grandson make a pincushion for his mom, and I made one for myself. I used styrofoam balls cut in half, one for each of us, and for his I cut out a small piece of lavender velvet, and myself I used a pretty vintage embroidered dresser scarf piece that the mice chewed up. Just wrap the fabric around the ball and hot glue it. Then hot glue it to the inside of the cup. Easy!

Here's a cute project I helped my grandson make. We used an empty cardboard grits canister and he covered it with blue paper. Next I cut out the "windows" with PawPaw's knife, and had him outline paint it with a black paint pen. I cut out some waxed paper and let him color all over it with different colors. Then I used a hole punch and let him tie fishing line for a hanger, and drop in a battery powered votive. He went to bed early that night!
Happy Junking!


Betty said...

Great projects. Don't you just love doing crafts with the little ones. It always makes the project so much more of a treasure.

CiNdEe said...

All your crafts are just darling! I love them(-:

The Japanese Redneck said...

Very creative Kudzu. Love the way your grandson is a crafter too!