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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Lot Of Glitter, A Lot Of Photos

I have a lot of these small lanterns that came strung with electric lights. They were too much trouble to keep up with, so I decided to use them for fairy homes. All I had to do was pull the light bulb through the bottom, and at the last minute I cut the metal off the glass with wire cutters. That lets you see who's living in there a lot better!

Here are two of them painted and glittered. Check out the inspiration for the colors! Who would've guessed? This is before I cut off the metal cage across the glass....

Here's the finished purple one. She has some sweet bits & pieces in her little home, like seashells and a butterfly.

This is the pretty blue one. She has some tiny bits & pieces,too. There's a glittery butterfly, and some shiny stars. Both lantern fairies have pennies in them,too!
Remember I said my computer was struck by lightning? Still not fixed, and my hard drive holds so many photos I use in my crafts, not to mention my photo editing program...bleh.....I have some people who said they'd fix it, they just need time! Meanwhile, I'm using my daughter's laptop, and am happy that I printed out all these photos before the thing fried. But I'm almost out, and I may have to carry my printer to Twin's home to work on getting more!
Isn't this young woman so beautiful? I printed her wings out on a hymnal page, and I used a rhinestone and pearl bracelet I found at a yard sale around the top, along with an old sugar bowl lid. I LOVE this one!

Lots of pretties in here, some little pink roses and some tiny blue feathers from my sister's bird. Don't you love the way the blue glitter sparkles in the background? There's a tiny pink glass heart tied to the string on the left side.

Here's a little guy I've used a few times, but he's just so precious! That's one of the many marbles I've found around the property, I think they work well with little boy fairies.

Another baby boy fairy! I put too much glitter on him, so I covered him with some white netting. My grandson found a moth wing on the deck, so we tossed it in there with him, and he's got a handsome purple crown.

One of the poor little puppies Mamie Dog brought to us. She had 4 babies and hid them from us til they were about 7 weeks old. This little man's name is Winston, and we discovered a wolf worm in his neck about a week after we took them in. After $102 at the vet, he's just starting to perk up. He was very close to dying. A huge chunk of skin about the size of a gold ball died and it looked so still does. He was a tiny little skeleton with fur.

My new Mother Of Thousands plant.

A HUGE thank you to Heather at Speckled Egg for the vintage embroidery motifs she sent me!


Jean Tuthill said...

I love your creations! The fairy lanterns are so pretty. You are very creative. The puppy is so cute and I hope he gets well real soon. I had a mother of thousands plants once and it was so much fun. We gave away thousands of plants from her!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Poor little Winston. Hope that baby gets well soon.

Great use for the old lanterns. The fairy lanterns and jars are a very cute idea.