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Monday, August 10, 2009

Primitive Ladle Candle Holder

Are you about sick of fairies? haha! Here's something I made a long time ago, and today I re-did it with a new candle and added grapevine. You'll need an old ladle or dipper, a candle(battery operated would be awesome)-I went with the red apple scented one, and dropped a few drops of apple cinnamon oil in there...I should'a added a stick of cinnamon!,your hot glue gun, some dried flowers(or silk)some grapevine or little sticks(or cinnamon sticks!!!hey,this makes me wanna go back and re-re-do mine!!)
Now, just glue them in there in an arrangement you like. I glued a small lid off of a pill bottle to make my candle sit up higher.

Here it is finished and I just propped it on the china cabinet door for the photo. I actually keep it in the kitchen on an old enamal pot lid hanging on the wall. It would really look great on an old painted cupboard door or chippy door or shutter you have hanging on the wall.


CiNdEe said...

I never get tired of the fairies! The laddle is so cute though! I have several too and I love them!

Brushed By An Angel said...

A really neat idea. I remember drinking from one of these when I was a child.

Betty said...

Love the ladle,it looks great! And fairies are something I never get tired off.

The Japanese Redneck said...

It turned out great.

AngelMc said...

i like it, well water dipped out of an enamil bucket with an aluminum dipper....those were the days.

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll! these would be pretty handy during a storm(without all the fru-fru-wouldn't wanna burn the house down!!)
the house smells like Autumn!

luthien said...

now... that's a fantastic idea and beautifully executed!