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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Halloween Tree And Some Halloween Crafts

Sorry I haven't posted in a week....I have acute bronchitis....AGAIN! This is the fifth time this year. I seriously think it's all because of Hurricane Katrina, with all the freon, propane, insulation,gas,oil,diesel,mold; new construction...paint fumes, fumes from sheetrock work, fumes from Chinese sheetrock, tar,asphalt, well can you clean up all that anti-freeze, transmission fluid...all the things that leaked from the vehicles and buildings destroyed? There sure were a lot of freezers,fridges, air-conditioners...........ah,you get the picture,heh! You can tell I don't feel good when I start bitching up on my soap box.
So, I've been in my Mom-Cave..that's my bedroom, ya'll!.....working on crafts, trying to babysit from my bed half the time, and that's not easy. Thank Goodness the little Monkey Muffin likes crafts and cartoons!...oh, and his Lego's that he got for his birthday at the end of August. But, those are gonna have to be not-on-MeMe's-bed toys. I've stabbed myself many a time with a teensy little light saber or a Storm Troopers least I think that's what they were!!
I still don't have my own computer; using my daughters and being slow about photographing stuff.
Here's my little Halloween tree made from some small branches I found and spray painted black, then wrapped in torn strips of cheesecloth. I took some black tissue paper and folded it like you would for those paper dolls....accordian style...and made a bat garland to drape on the tree. I also drew some spider webs on a piece of paper and slipped the paper into a plastic ziploc baggie; then drew the spiderweb on the plastic baggie following the lines in the drawing with white school glue. Sprinkled on some white and opal glitter and let them dry overnight and peeled them off. There's other ornaments you can make this way, have your child draw a picture on the baggie with a colored magic marker, and paint over it with school glue. Let it dry and it looks like stained glass!

It's cute, we need ornaments on it so we'll be making some between now and Halloween.I put some glue and glitter spider webs on it, if you can see them.

These are super easy, and good for young children to make on their own.
I made some candy containers by using small water balloons, those are half off right now, 100 in a pack for $1. Blow up the balloon, and use torn strips of newspaper dipped in a half water/ half white school glue mixture. Let it dry then pop the balloon and remove it. Now use scissors to trim up the edges, and cut out the eyes and mouth holes. Paint or cover with colored tissue paper dipped in the water/glue mixture. If you want noses or other features, add them before you paint.

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misselaineous said...

Hey Kween...was wondering where you were. Sorry you're feelin' bad...and you're right about all that junk in the air, & water...they try to clean it up but you know that some has got to remain. Loving your Halloween tree. Gonna make some glitter webs myself...just as soon as I find my school glue...:o} Feel better! *elaine*