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Monday, December 14, 2009

Making Paper Snowflakes

I had the best time making these! They're easy, like the ones you made as a kid, but now you have better scissors!
You can see I tried out all kinds of paper goodies that I already had around the house, and you probably have the very same things. Even if you don't, well, they're very inexpensive to buy.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

These are very light and delicate. I made them using basket style filters. Now that i see the photo, they remind me of those Hex signs painted on barns.

Cupcake Paper and Bon Bon Paper Snowflakes

These are SO beautiful! The cupcake/candy papers have those little ruffles that make a great snowflake. The only thing is, I planned on ironing and starching my snowflakes later. How am I going to flatten these out nicely? Maybe if I dampen the center only and place it in a book......hmmm...oh, I used the white candy papers, and the pastel cupcake papers. I don't think the pink, blue or yellow shows up very well, but it does look very nice.

Sheet Music Snowflakes

Actually, I used hymnal pages. This also makes a light and airy snowflake. The musical notes and words are very interesting. I should try to put 2 pages together, or even 3, so I can make a 3-D snowflake. I guess I'd sew it with invisible thread, or carefully glue it. All my snowflakes need a little glitter,too!

Paper Doily Snowflakes

My very favorite! I couldn't believe how intricate and delicate these looked, when all I did was make a few snips. These were made with the small doilies, like cupcake size, which I bought at a yard sale a while back. My grandson made a few of these,too.

I suggest having a tablecloth on the table to catch snips of paper, and maybe keep the dustbuster handy! I used a plastic grocery bag to catch my scraps, but they still managed to get everywhere!

You can see I really liked using the pinking shears. I wish I'd gone ahead and tried some of the other scissors I have, like the scalloped ones. Oh,well, next time, and with the grandkids.

I hope to string some up with invisible thread, and get some lightly glittered with glitter paint. Those will hang from the ceiling over the end table, in the corner, 3 or 4 on each thread.

Merry Christmas


Jenns Three Graces said...

Cute idea - fun to make with kids - wish I had little ones again....or grandkids! Jennifer

Jenns Three Graces said...

Thanks for listing the Free Craft Site - I found a lot of neat things - now send me the Free time!!!! Jennifer

The Japanese Redneck said...

They turned out great. I like them and remember doing this in school. Many, many years ago.

AngelMc said...

always love making paper snow flakes, but i had never thought about making them with cupcake liners...can't wait to try that.

Jill said...

Very pretty! and I believe they would be fun to make too!

vintagesue said...

who knew? those are amazing. they would look great decoupaged to something as well or even stuck to windows. they are lovely.
thanks for sharing.