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Monday, March 8, 2010

I've Been Thrifting Again...Some Goodies And One Sassy Dog

Got a few more ties for my granddaughter's skirt and headbands and flowers.

This sweet little top was meant to be kept and worn; then I realized it said hand wash cold; do not twist;lay flat to dry.....etc., etc.,.......that means too much trouble for maybe it will be useful for something else in the future. No biggie......each item only costs .99 at a certain thrift store we go to, so I don't feel as though it was a waste of money. The shiny fabric is a dark yellow that looks rose colored when you turn it in the light; it's a blouse, will make some nice pretties! and to the right of the blouse is a butterscotch organza-type curtain sheer......huge...already made some flowers out of it, and it burned nicely :D unfortunately my grandson caught me with a candle and a stack of circles. Poop.

And this men's shirt was what I was looking for, so I could make over some stained t-shirts of mine. A few weeks ago, I would've just used Hoss'; but he actually got rid of most of his clothes he doesn't wear anymore....go figure! The dress is huge and twirly at the bottom, lined in off white, and has a long row of covered buttons..lots of potential there.........peasant blouse for me?? lol

Isn't this the best? My daughter spotted this wrap-around nubby acrylic skirt lined in black (hmm,so many flowers in my future!!) As soon as I saw it, I thought "cape.....or poncho for Granddaughter" it's lavender and gray shades, with light lavender ribbons and soft mint green ribbons woven through-out :D And look at the dusty lavender satin floor length formal dress....lined in soft flowers flowers......and for the cape/poncho :D

I got this pink stretchy turtleneck from a bag of clothes my niece outgrew, and cut the bottom off for a skirt for my great-niece to wear to dance class. I used a few of the white burned fabric flowers on the front of the skirt to hide some light stains; a zig-zag stitch for each stem and a piece of ribbon tied in a knot for the leaves. Cute! Her mama will have to hand-sew the elastic down after she sizes it. One pink twirly skirt for you to dance in, Wena! Leg warmers coming up soon :D

Isn't it sweet?

I can't remember if I showed the leg warmers after I finished.....these are from that same beige sweater; so I got a cap, a shrug, and a pair of leg warmers out of one sweater :D by the way they fit my 12 year old niece perfectly and she put the cap, the shrug and the leg warmers all on tonight :D
What can I say? She discovered that if Mama talks on the phone, she can get into more 'stuff'. So here I am trying to take a pic of the 2 purses I bought, for the bargain at .99 each!.......and basic black shoes to wear with my slacks.........and she brings me the phone. In fact, she INSISTED I take the phone and leave the room. Wanda......CHILL!!

these are not in any order

she's too smart

we call her Preemie sometimes........because Cosmo is twice as big as she is. She's so......temperamental :D Daddy's little girl,lol.........Cosmo is mine; that's why he's soooo sweeeet! ha!



AngelMc said...

ohh i love those pictures of those puppy dogs....

Bridget said...

What good finds! I'm saving a bunch of ties my husband keeps bringing home from estate auctions. I can't wait to see your skirt when it's done!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Very creative. Such a sweet baby!

Nora said...

Kudzu... I want to go thrifting with you.. We have the same taste. I buy purses for handles and the magnetic snaps too.... Great finds.. I am addicted to neckties as well...

Keep On Junking

Kudzu said...

thanks for all the nice comments :D

those are some rotten-rotten-ROTTEN babies..but they're good, or try to be good. *sigh* no they don't, they're ROTTEN i may fall and break my hip if they don't stay out from under my feet, trying to get me to hold them :D

i pulled the tie-skirt out, since i keep forgetting about it when it's out of sight! hopefully i'll work on it some this week-end after i check them out closer. i'm alternating regular ties with wider ties, and some of the tie fabrics just don't match up, i really thought it'd be done by now!

oh i can't wait for a good yard sale season to start up! we have good yard sales all year long down here, but when the weather changes there's sometimes close to 100 a weekend, and i have to google and strategize the day!

have fun,