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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Fabric Headbands and Some Fabric Flowers-Links To Tutorials

I used some of my quilt fabric stash and a bandana and made some fabric headbands and some flowers with tutorials and patterns I found all around blog land. I'm sure you're going to love these, they're quick and easy and comfortable! They don't take much fabric so you can use your scraps, or recycle an old shirt or tie or lining or prom dress, lol!

The first headband is a fabric covered plastic headband, I used a strip from a butterscotch yellow curtain sheer. No sewing, just folded the cut edges in and hot glued the end down neatley and added a dot of hot glue here and there til I got to the other end. The tattered rolled fabric rose is made from a satin-y blouse from the thrift store, and I used a pearly center that came from a floral pick that I got free :D You can find a tutorial for tattered fabric roses by Bridget at Everyday Chaos. I used the same method for the red printed rose with the pearl center on the denim headband and the red bandana print rose on the denim/white print bandana fabric headband. I love the way these turn out. If you use a much tighter roll you'll get a very different looking rose. I used t-shirt strips to make smaller tightly rolled roses and glued 3 of them together to make a pin. I forgot to take photos!
The second headband on top, the blue flowered chambray fabric, is made from a pattern here at Mmmcrafts by Larissa. This one is very easy, and very comfortable. Very easy to turn inside out-I really loved that!
The third headband is a satin-y yo-yo I made and then glued a vintage earring in the center..I'm keeping this one for myself! If you want to know how to make a yo-yo, look here at AllFreeCrafts. Remember to cut a circle twice as big as the finished size you want.
The fourth headband is a black velvet spaghetti strap, lol, way to recycle, huh, no sewing! And isn't that lavender rose beautiful???? Go to DuhBe.........she graciously shows how to make her special burned fabric roses :D I've made quite a few of these, they're so fast! I made some of the butterscotch sheer curtain ones and used some pink watercolor to paint the tips before I burned them, it came out so pretty, with a vintage look! Then I cut a strip out from tulle...without burning it...and rolled it up with the painted rose. It makes a very nice much fuller look. I liked it better in the closed look, but both are stunning!
Second from the end on top, the wide beige satin band, is made by covering a wide band with a strip of satin. I just traced the shape of the band on the back of the fabric and glued it on. I'd use some wooden clothespins to help out! And glue a strip of ribbon underneath to cover the seam and make it comfy. The sequin patch is one of a pair my sister bought me at a yard sale, and I glued it on.
The last headband on top is also a spaghetti strap recycled into a headband cover! A plaid cotton tank top..perfect fit over the thin plastic headband....and I made a bow from another strap and glued it on. The ultra thin metal headbands and the thin plastic headbands can be bought at a dollar store for 3 to 6 in a package for $1. So you can afford to have lots of fun with this very quick very easy project!
Now, on the bottom are some fabric headbands. The first one is made from very lightweight denim recycled from old jeans, and a white print bandana of mine. I had some red bandana strips leftover from making the dogs little I made a tattered fabric rose pin to match, that way I can wear it on either side--since the headband is reversible!-or not wear it at all:D This pattern and tutorial is at KCQuilts......thank you Kate!

The second headband is by Heather Bailey, made from the same beige satin-y silky fabric I used in a few of the pattern and tutorial here. We both(daughter and I) loved this one. The knot at the back is a very neat touch. It fits great and feels great! It was also very easy to make, and you'll love it.

Altered Cloth has the headband pattern and tutorial for the great wide fabric headband. I made the wider version with the pleats. I LOVE this one, it covers a lot of damage, or makes the best headband to wear to the beach :D It was also super simple to make..and we both loved it!


FlowerLady said...

What colorful spring pieces. I especially love the burned roses. That was a great little tutorial.


The Japanese Redneck said...

You've been busy!

Nora said...

Adorable... you make the cutest girly things....

Keep On Junking

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Kudzu, you have been so busy! Your headbands are so cute and you ae so clever to reuse materials that you have on hand. The girls will love them I'm sure. I'm glad to have speing here, it's been a really long winter! Keep on creating!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Kudzu said...

thanks ya' much! i hope ya'll tried out the headbands, they're coming in handy since the weather has been great and we can venture outside and check out the winter damage:D

thanks for reading my blog!


Bridget said...

Love your headbands! Makes me want to refresh our headband stash.