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Monday, May 10, 2010

An Apron For National Apron Day-A Real Adventure

I chose the free pattern from TipNut; a multi-purpose apron that turns into a bonnet! It's a really simple and quick to make apron that I-of course-managed to take 2 days to make. It's not my fault..and I have photos to prove it. Take the journey with me!

Here I found 2 perfect pieces to re-use...leftovers from a quilt I made years ago. So I cut it out...

.....and I pull out some buttons and nice piece of vintage rick-rack in the perfect shade of blue. I admire the buttons a while....and choose these blue buttons,but whatever comes out of the jar must go back in,right?

...but while I'm admiring the buttons and then putting them back in the jar, I fail to notice 2 little puppies have taken the vintage blue rick-rack-and left me a bone chew and a couple pieces of drool-covered plastic in its place. So off I go to look for could be anywhere! I go back to the bedroom where I have all my stuff laid out on the bed, and they've returned the blue rick-rack. Only now it's drool-covered,too. So no rick-rack, no blue buttons. Back to the button jar and get 2 plain old white buttons.

Now I've got the 2 pieces sewn together. Only....I did it wrong! So this is an example of how NOT to pin these together...did I mention I have my cutting board and camera in the bedroom and the sewing machine and ironing board in the living room? And...that I'm hobbling back and forth down a 25 foot long hallway between these rooms? And that said hallway is lined with sheetrock waiting to be hung on the walls? AND...let's not forget I have 2 puppies following every move I make, getting tangled up in my feet. Well, I rip these out and try again.

THIS is how you want to pin this apron together!

How about that! This is what happens when you try to watch TV and sew and cook and kick puppies(gently) off your foot that's on the sewing machine pedal. I made the top ruffle too long. Rip it out and fix it....

Then the next thing you know, your grandson is home from school and trying to get your attention. Go admire him and tell him how handsome he is and what a little comedian he is!

I did it! I have to admire it before I attempt those pesky buttonholes that I never quite mastered!

Finished, and with the one clothespin I was able to manage to find just for a photograph! I don't know where they all went....Don't look too close at the buttonholes while I admire it :D

I need a model...but my grandson said NO. It's pink. So I get my niece to pose for me :D Here's the apron bonnet from the side. It needs something more to give it body...but it does work great.

....and here it is from the side. How cute!

Mamie the mama dog wants us to admire her doll-baby. She ripped its little doll-baby guts out and left them in a neat pile by the iron table. So after Hoss mows the grass, we step out and admire the half an acre of fluffy doll-baby guts floating around the side yard.

Then she wants us to admire the dead flat as a board snake she brought us....

Well, we didn't admire it ENOUGH so she brought it to us when we walked away. So we had to REALLY admire......aww, good girl, you brought me another present. But Mamie...I don't think you killed this one yourself......and thanks for the huge dead rat you left by my truck :D I admire it, too. it is being modeled as an apron by my niece! So there you have a cute multi-purpose apron; you can keep clothespins in it to hang out the wash, then button it up to turn it into a bonnet while you do a little yardwork, then put it back on as an apron to pick some berries! Don't be afraid to get stains on it, that's what an apron is for!

Tomorrow I may get this one finished. I used a skirt I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago, this huge full maxi-length bright skirt...thinking I'd use the fabric one day. A couple weeks ago I was going to cut it and sew it to a pair of jeans I wanted to turn into a skirt. I admire the work I did today, and the 2 puppies admire me admiring it, then I have to watch them admire it and then they insist on having their photograph taken.

The word for today is ADMIRE

go make one!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like you have too much 4 legged help.

Everything turned out very cute.

Mamie looks very proud of herself.

Kudzu said...

i sometimes think i do! obviously they're all spoiled rotten......but they're turning into quite the little guard puppies,too. they don't want to come back inside, so i have to bribe them with "get in the house cookies"!
i can't whistle anymore, so i have to say "here,kitty kitty!"'s sad,really...but hilarious. Hoss asked me why did you get them started on "here kitty kitty" and i said "well, okay...YOU whistle for them when i let them out". he said "here, kitty kitty" LOLOL