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Monday, July 19, 2010

Baking Soda and Vinegar-Natural Cleaning Products

My great-niece and grandson #2 used a half dozen boxes to make "space rocket boxes". Here they are sitting in the space rocket box watching cartoons! So much fun!

My sister gave me an avocado seed and I put it in a glass jar for my grandson, who quickly lost interest,lol! But I can't say anything ,I forgot all about it..that must be why it's still alive! It's even bigger, still in the glass jar :D
I thought I'd share these great tips. This saves the planet, and saves money! Here are some links from The New Homemaker I came across. This page is about cleaning with baking soda. I use it myself, but didn't know there were so many other ways,too!
Baking Soda Cleaning Tips
I've been using it in my laundry for years. It helps remove the nasty odors from your clothes. And I've always used it as a cleanser to scrub away spills. I refuse to use it as a toothpaste...can't take the taste, bad memories of using it as a child,lol!...but it's great for that! Now I use it to clean up after the bad puppies who pee on my wood floors. Just sprinkle it on after you mop and let it absorb the remaining stain. Leave it there a while. And soak your plastic storage containers with baking soda and water to remove the bad smells from them, too. Sprinkle some on your stinky puppy and brush it through his coat to remove some mud and odor before you bathe him,too, or use it between his baths.
Vinegar Cleaning Tips
This is also great for cleaning up puppy messes. After mopping up after them, mop with vinegar. I like to wipe vinegar on it and leave it a while. And I'll fill bowls with vinegar and put around the house to get rid of bad odors(those silly puppies are a lot of work!) I use vinegar in my laundry sometimes in the rinse water, it removes the rest of the soap residue and odors. I use it to set colors in new one likes their new red shirt to turn their jeans pink :D Fireants! ....we have a huge problem with those down here. If you're bitten, wipe the bite with vinegar to reduce the sting and resulting bo-bo's! And if you have ants coming inside, spray with vinegar to shoo them away. Vinegar will kill weeds!

There are tons of other ways to use these two all-time favorite staples besides cooking.

Hydrogen peroxide is also good around the house. It removes blood stains, and you can use it as an all purpose cleaner around the house. It's a great anti-bacterial cleaner,too!

I've been bad about posting. My life has been completely changed, I'm single now after 32 years, but all is good! I'm dealing with it and looks like I'm able to handle it better than I thought I could:D So that's that, and back to the good stuff!
I have been making things here and there, and taken photos, just never seem to find time to sit down and blog about it or go through the photos for the good ones. I've made a lot of paper beads, they're so relaxing to make. I have little cups of all different shapes and colors and I really need to string some up! But I'll probably wind up with hundreds more before that happens:D I cut a purple tank dress and refashioned it into another dress. I've been making journals. One to write in with my red pen(LOL) and one for my craft ideas. I'll have some tutorials later. And I'm making more book purses and will share a beaded wire purse handle tutorial I found on Craftster.
We're waiting for my new grandson, about 4 more weeks to go! So I need to make some baby things with all the ideas I've found out there. I bought some sweet yellow terry on clearance I'm going to be using.

Look for new posts soon for craft projects!



The Japanese Redneck said...

Glad to know that about BS and vinegar.

Am very sad to hear about your breakup. 32 years, that's a long time.

Sounds like you are keeping your self busy, will enjoy seeing the paper beads.

Kudzu said...

thankies :D i found some black hemp to string some...finally!...and i saw a really cute necklace on threadbangers i'm inspired to try with them.....

things are getting better and better every day:D