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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make Some Fans For Your Cook-Out In 5 Minutes!

Check it out....perfect for an outdoor get-together, and you can make them in about 5 minutes! I remember fans like these at my friend's Baptist church, and I seem to remember Jesus and lambs and verses on them. We didn't have these at our Lutheran church, so I probably spent more time admiring the cardboard with the pretty pictures glued to the flat wooden stick!

You're going to need some old albums and some paint stir sticks, and a glue gun. I cut my paint sticks in half and used one half on each fan. Now, fold a sheet of paper in half and come up with a shape you like. I looked it up on the 'net, and they still make these; it seems some politicians use them for their campaigns....although I haven't seen them down here where they SHOULD be...LOLOL. But anyway...I saw round, football, diamond, stop sign shaped, name it. So I went with the two shapes I remember from way back in the day.
After you have the shapes cut out, glue all around the edges except where the stick goes. Once the glue on the edges has cooled, now open it up, squeeze in some glue, and push in the stick.'re done! You might want to make some with just the one cardboard shape. Well, just glue the stick about an inch up in the center bottom. If you want, you could glue on a small ribbon, either in a bow, or knotted in the center; maybe red/white and blue! Great little party favors :D
Keep these in mind for outdoor weddings,too. You could print out the invitations and glue them to fans. Or the couple's new monogram...something along those lines :D

Go make some!


Amanda said...

I love this idea, especially the way you've reused the album covers!

Kudzu said...

thank you! they could be a real conversation starter,too!

concretenprimroses said...

Good idea! If you (I) don't have album covers, doubled up box board might work, or old book covers.
Fun project for kids.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I never thought about making them. Good idea for a 4th of July gathering.

They were giving some advertisement ones away at the Tomato Festival. It would be cool if they would give (or sell very cheap) ones with the current Tomato Festival Logo on them each year.

Kudzu said...

cereal boxes or anything would work. have the kids draw some pictures on them, have people sign them,cover boxes with wallpaper, paint the handles add a tassel, and you have chic matching fans for your front porch or wedding.

great tips ya'll!