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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Sock Roses Bouquet

Here's a great gift for someone having a new baby! Very inexpensive and quick and easy to make.

Here's what you'll need:
I used 6 roses for the one pictured, so that's 3 pairs of socks-$1 to $3 or more
small floral bush--$1
2 sheets tissue paper
curling ribbon
small piece of floral foam
floral wire
floral tape
hot glue gun
small basket or small covered can
decorative marbles for weight, if you need it
I already had the last items, so those were free.

I couldn't decide on the basket or the can (that I was going to cover in the green mylar wrapping paper), and ended up using the small white basket. Use what you have :D

I followed some the tutorial here at Plan The Perfect Baby Shower .com. i didn't insert the wire into mine,though. Instead, I wrapped and twisted the wire around the bottom of the baby sock, then wrapped floral tape around that. I used short pieces of wire, then wrapped a finished sock rose to each floral spray with floral tape. To fill it out even more, I took out 2 sheets of tissue paper, folded them down to small squares, about 5" or so, and picked each sheet up by the center( sort of pinching it) and inserted those into the bouquet. Very pretty! I added a curling ribbon bow to match. If the container seems top heavy, add some decorative marbles. Place some into zip loc baggies and into the basket or can.
You can make a much bigger bouquet with more socks. Make it an even dozen roses!

Go make some!


Joyce said...

My doctor gave each of his patients a baby sock corsage when they had new babies. It was a fun gift to receive. I can't remember who made them, it was either his wife or nurse.Brings back the memories, (27, 25, and 19 years ago).
I love checking out your blog and all of the ideas that you share.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Very cute. Luv the sock flowers.

Kudzu said...

thanks so much ya'll!