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Monday, March 5, 2012

Soon-Wardrobe Refashions

I have seen the cutest summery dresses made from old tank tops and tee shirts, and either some fabric or a skirt, or the bottom of a dress. Since I have all these things, I'm ready to sew! But- I still can't find the cord for my camera to get the pics off my camera. I'm taking plenty of pics,though! Twin took me out and we went to a dollar bargain bin thrift store, and they had lots of things 4/1.00. These will go with things I already have, so besides my time for sewing, I should be able to make .50 dresses,lol.
I found this gorgeous refashion here at Made By Lex

check it out, she has a great tutorial, click that link above. this is what i plan to be stitching and taking pics of!
Now, I'm off, I need groceries and pay that light bill. damn thing comes every month, doesn't it?? lol That is, pay the light bill and see how much is leftover for groceries!