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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Finally Got Caught Up In The Chan Luu-Inspired Craze


Well, I'm back with a tutorial for a beaded bracelet-it looks hard to make, but it's easy, I promise!

Supply List:
a package of beads, or beads from a broken necklace
leather cord
large-eye needle that will fit through the hole in the bead when it's threaded
embroidery floss, or perle cotton
nail polish
shank button

I made an 8" bracelet using about 26" of leather cord. Thread the leather cord through the shank of your button; push it til it's in the center of the cord. Cut a length of floss about 10" longer than the leather cord. Use the nail polish to stiffen the end of your thread, pinch it between your fingers to flatten it before it dries. This is to help make it easier to thread the needle. Knot the end of the thread and put a dab of nail polish on the knot, to help keep the knot from unraveling. Okay-now working with the single thread, start a figure 8 by sewing back and forth right on the leather cord under the shank of your button;

dab nail polish on that, too. Now you're ready to start beading. Pick up a bead and push it to the end of your thread; hold it down with your thumb; coming up between your 2 leather cords, go over one side, then under the opposite side, making sure you go through the hole in the bead again.

 Keep stringing the beads on til it's the right length for you, somewhere between 6" and 8" or so.

When it's long enough, make a figure 8 at the end of the beads to secure them.


Cut off the excess, tie a knot, and dab some nail polish on the knot. Now tie a knot in the leather cord at the end of the beads; then tie another knot, this will be your closure. Make sure the button fits through between those 2 knots.


All done!  Send me pics of yours!

Go Make Something!

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