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Monday, September 22, 2008

Back To The Album Purses

I'm still trying to figure out how these are done. I made quite a few mistakes...enough so that I'm going to have to make a Really, it wasn't that it was hard, I just didn't have a clear idea of how they're made. I've seen a lot of photos of them, and wow..the price tags on some are so high, and some are too low! So with my new package of laminate I chose Loretta Lynn to be my first model. This morning HossFly cut out the 1/4" plywood we bought at Michael's, and I sanded it smooth. Then we left and he took me to some thrift stores to find some more albums. Out of three stores, only one had albums, and they were $1,huh! I got a Boy George I can't wait to use. After we got back home I went to work on getting all my purse parts together. I bought some Rapid Rivets by Tandy Leather at Michael's,too, it comes with a little rivet set that you use with a hammer to tap it together. Deciding to use an 1/8" drill bit, I pre-drilled holes through the front and back of the purse and riveted the denim strip purse body to it, don't forget the handles. I bought some black webbing at WalMart for .83 a yard for that, and after I cut them each about 20" long, I melted the ends so they wouldn't unravel. All in all, it isn't a bad first try, it's usable and looks nice.
But here are a few things I'd do different....first of all, I'd keep the record round, and only cut a slice off the top of it, and then cut the album cover to the size of the record. And I'd cut the holes in the laminated album cover, then drill the holes in the wood. I glued down the laminated cover, then drilled, and it got full of sawdust and wood shavings,very messy! Another thing I'd do is cut the denim in bias strips to make that part smoother. I'm going to check the thrift stores for some denim dresses and skirts. Oh, and did you notice I got the record upside down?? Double check yourself for that! Ooops, I see I didn't get a good photo of the sides. I'll take more photos tomorrow. It's about a 5" strip of denim from a pair of HossFly's old jeans, and I riveted a small crease in the center of each to make the purse sort of "fold in".


shysue said...

I am loving that purse! When you get the construction of it to your satisfaction, would you consider doing a tutorial? Since I am a visual person, I would like to attempt to make one, if I could "see" how it is done.

Bev said...

These purses are soo cool! Practice makes perfect! Glad to see your blogging away - great job!!!

I've tagged ya, so stop on over, follow the rules and I can't wait to learn more about you!


Kudzu said...

Thanks ya'll! I'm gonna try my best at a tutorial for the purses soon! Keep checking in with me for it :)