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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crafting As Usual

Today I pulled out the thrift store albums I got yesterday and got a Bellamy Brothers ready to go. I need more Rapid Rivets, but I can't find just the double cap rivets locally. I'm going to have to order them on Ebay I think. I had HossFly take the aquarium tubing handles off my Eagles purse and try to see why I got it all twisted, but I didn't finish doing that. I should just go get some more tubing in a larger size, so I can get the Mardi Gras beads in there like I wanted in the first place :) The Monopoly board was speaking to me,too, so I got out a razor-knife and got two purses out of it. A couple game pieces will become little charms hanging off of them after I get some holes in them and set them on bead pins and jump rings. I need to take photos of all this, and remember to put them on the computer before I start posting...maybe even write up a tutorial for the purses.
Oh,and my slipcovers came today. They're still in the packages,LOL. I was expecting more of a brick-rust red but they're a bright red-burgandy. Now I need to find something for the windows. Good thing I know how to sew...I have the equivelent of eight large windows in here. Three are 5' tall x 6' wide, and then the French doors are where another set of windows used to be before Hurricane Katrina remodeled our house and we finally built the deck we'd always talked about.


Bev said...

Are those baby shoes yours in your yard? They are the cutest!! I can't wait to see what you make from that monopoly board.

Keep posting speedy like! You'll have to add a gadget so we can subscribe to you too!


Kudzu said...

I saw these little shoes in a thrift store and had to buy them. Over at iVillage Garden Web, on the Garden Junk forum, a nice lady had some baby shoes with hen and chicks planted in them, and I knew that's what I was going to do with mine :)