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Friday, September 12, 2008

More Silver Plate

Here is the wind chime. I had to hunt around for it, since we'd already taken in everything for Hurricane Gustav, and now it's Hurricane Ike. What is it Pooh says? It's a blustery day? So I snapped the photo and took it back inside, away from the 40mph gusts. Like I said before, this was a small trinket tray picked up at a yard sale, along with four spoons, some glass beads, beading wire and crimping beads. Very easy to make, and they sound beautiful.
What else can you do with some old crusty silver plate? Here's what I did with some that wouldn't polish up, and were full of pits and scars. Mosaic. I covered a set with cheap old spray paint I found at WalMart. They have lots of colors nowadays. I bought some aqua, some light pink, and some white....not at the same time! LOL...You can pick up some nice cracked or chipped dishes at the thrift stores, along with some little porcelain trinket box that has flowers on top of it. It feels great to smash these things into itty bitty pieces. It's a little trickier to break the flowers off of something, but I can sometimes break them off with a screwdriver and a hammer. I have always used silicone for my GEII. It's clear, kinda messy, but holds great. I use it for all kinds of things now. This set has different kinds of broken china and stained glass on it. For the lids, I found some nice roses, and the beads and buttons came from my stash of Bits&Pieces. Try your hand at mosaic. You could make a nice little vanity tray to put your perfume or jewelry on.

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Jaybird said...

Hi there....I just found your blog and I love it!!!
To get the flower pieces of china more easily, raid your DH's shop for a pair of tile nippers (they look like a medium sized plier with a blade on the tops of the jaws instead of grippers). You can "nip" out around the flower pictures on the china really well with them.
Your ideas are and have always been awesome!!!