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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mosaic Tea Set and Cake Plate

I'd like to show you another tea set I made. Lots of pretty roses,buttons, and beads on this one. I used part of a pearl necklace and an enameled butterfly pin from my Bits&Pieces for the lid. I had a broken porcelain tea pot that was perfect to fit around the silver tea pot and the sugar and creamer bowls since it was rounded. Since the creamer had no lid, I tied some Linen scented potpourri in a shiny fabric scrap and set it in it. The other piece is an old silver plated cake plate that I spray painted white and used lots of pink stained glass and a broken plate that had some pretty roses on it. A beautiful rose and some beads are glued to the edge. It can still be used for a cake, I'd place a doily on it first,though. Or you could put it in the bathroom with some guest soaps, and wash cloths and hand towels.

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