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Thursday, September 25, 2008

How About Some More Purses?

I cut two purses from a Monopoly game board I picked up at a yard sale for $1. These aren't real instructions, but you might be able to see how I cut the clear vinyl out, adding at least 1/2" around the two sides and the bottom, and about 2" to the top edge. Don't forget you're going to be cutting two of everything, so the game board ( or album) will be sandwiched between the two layers. I wanted the purse to be about 6" wide, so I cut the vinyl 7" wide for the bottom, and the two sides, and also cut the sides the same height as the front and back of the purse. Oh, and I decided to add a cell phone pocket to the inside, so I cut one thickness of vinyl for one of the side sections. For the top edges, I trimmed off about an inch from the outside top edge of the front piece of vinyl, and folded the back edge over to the front, and sewed it down. Then I sewed down the web handle. The handles I cut out 30" long, so I can carry it over my shoulder. Now mark where you want to lace the purse together, and use a hole punch to make the holes. I marked one side, then used that measurement to mark all the other sides. The holes have to match up for lacing.

I use the plastic lacing you see at camp to make can buy a 100 yard spool at Michael's for $2.99. I'm not sure how much you need, but I guess I start with a piece about 5' long and start at the top of the purse on one edge, and start lacing the two edges together there in an "x" pattern. I used a wooden clothespin to hold the edge together while I laced it. Since I had the game, I decided to add some charms, so I drilled a hole in acouple of the game pieces...two plastic houses....and strung it on the purse. The hardest part is getting that sucker laced up. I had to take a few breaks, my arms got tired :)

Here's a different purse, one with the plywood, and a Bellamy Brothers album. Since I didn't have enough rivets I decided to lace it, too. A 100 yard roll of plastic goes a long way! And I didn't laminate this one, I cut the clear vinyl for it. And since I picked up some white lace vinyl, I tried it out, I cut one piece of the white lace vinyl, and one piece of clear vinyl , with the clear facing the outside. I measured the outside edge of the purse, it was about 28", so I cut a 7" wide strip about 28" long. This is the center gusset of the wooden album purse. I used a drill to make holes all around the edges of the front and the back, and the hole punch for holes in the vinyl. This purse didn't take nearly as long to lace up, and not as much plastic lacing,either. But I did glue the album and the album cover to the wood, so I had to wait for that to dry. I used up all 5 yards of black webbing I bought for purse handles, so I need to go shopping again! There's enough rivets to attach the web handles. With the albums I bought this week, I'll be making a few more purses, as soon as I get everything I need. THEN I'll figure out how to make a tutorial! LOL.... Hey....see my new slipcovers?? They look sorta brick red, don't they?? Yeah, that's what I thought when I looked at the photo online and ordered them. But they're a BRIGHT burgandy. Anyway, today I found some sheet sets to make curtains from, so I bought 4 sets, for a total of $38.

I'm going to have enough to make a table runner or some chair aprons ...or something extra. I have green walls, HossFly calls it Split Pea Soup green. I wish he hadn't called it that, because I can hear him say it everytime I walk in there....LOL!! I don't really care for the roses, but at least it's all the right colors, and I can take down the blue/yellow/magnolia window scarves, and I could afford it :) I do like the golden yellow in it.


Anonymous said...

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Kudzu said...

Thanks! Keep checking in with me, I plan on making some tutorials for the purses.