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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making Old Lamps New

I decided it was time to buy new lamps. We'd had these yard sale lamps for 20 years, and I'd given the old pleated shades more than one bleach bath. But after storing them while hanging new sheetrock in the living room, they looked pretty crusty,especially after taking them out in the sunlight and getting a good look at them. I'd thrown the shades away before I stored them, since one shade had gotten a small crack in it. We looked at all kinds of lamps, I kept choosing ones that looked exactly like the old ones, no surprise there! But the prices on the nice lamps were crazy. I finally decided I'd keep the old ones, and picked up a couple cans black semi-gloss Rustoleum spray paint. I bought new squarish lamp shades a couple days ago for $14 each, and this morning painted the lamps a nice new black. Black will go great in here, since we chose black double rods for the window scarves and sheers. I painted a floor lamp black a couple months ago,one I paid $5 for at a yard sale, so it's sort of matchy-matchy. The floor lamp was pewter colored with a beige shade with brownish bead fringe hanging on it, which is really nice, but maybe I need a new shade for it,too. The plastic is staying on the lamp shades for a while, we're still not finished with the re-do in there. I ordered my new Sure-Fit semi-fitted slipcovers yesterday from I had stalked some navy blue ones, but they never got both loveseat and sofa sizes at the same time, so I switched gears to a rusty red color, and that's what I wanted in the first place :) However, I had gone ahead and made some window scarves out of some new sheets I bought at a yard sale for $2, to match the green walls and navy blue slipcovers. I'll have to wait til the slipcovers get here so I can run out and buy new sheets and make more window treatments. So much more yardage in sheets than buying fabric.

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