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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Album Purses

This post has given me as much trouble as starting this purse did :) But here it is, mostly finished. I did get to use it today, that was before I laced the top edge. 10 yards of lacing went into the top and bottom edges, and will be enough for one side. I'll have to buy enough to go down the other 3 sides. Next purse, I will only use a hole punch and lacing. Trying to do any of it on the sewing machine was too much trouble. The handles are leftover aquarium tubing from a fountain we made, and I poked silver glitter pipe cleaners in it for sparkle. I used keyrings to attach the handles to the purse. My next attempt will be the wood type album purse using rivets. Here's a sunny little bonus photograph I took out on the back deck.

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