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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Little Table Greenhouse

I have a little stack of windows waiting for projects. I'd seen this particular one on that I knew was just perfect for me. Here's the one HossFly made me, and how we did it. Click for the project that inspired me.
I painted one side of each window green,then DH attached the 2 windows together with L-brackets,then he measured the width of the open ends to decide how big to make the box. He used old 1"x6"'s for the sides and old plywood for the bottom. I thinned down some white paint to "white-wash" it,and painted the inside of the box with thinned down green paint. Then he screwed old porch spindles(they were already white,a great yard sale find) on for legs on the outside of the box,screwing them from the inside,turning it into a table. Then the windows were fastened to the table with hinges on the outside of the windows to the box.
Everyone loves it and comments on it. I also used stained glass paints and made a magnolia window painting.

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