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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pixie Jars and Fairy Jars

Last Christmas I made these as gifts for the Mama's of my grandchildren, and some for me, of course! I'd seen some on the internet somewhere, and I had everything I needed to make them. I found photos of the grandkids that I liked for this project, and re-sized them to 4x6 size. Then I found some free photobrushes of wings and chose ones for each child. You could find some wings and print them out and glue them to the back, draw them if you can..that would be even better! Next I cut out the images leaving a small piece near the bottom of the photo to help it stand up in a mason jar. I dug through my stash of crafty goodness and found some blue Easter grass, and some pearly filler for gift bags, and I even found a bag full of those battery operated flickering votive lights, all picked up at yard sales...I love yard sales...and since today is Saturday I'll be going after this post! I used glitter glue pens, perfect for this project, and dug some rhinestones and some beads and charms from my Bits&Pieces container, and glued the rhinestones on. After they dried overnight, I curled the photos around a rolling pin to give them a nice shape to stand up in the mason jar, and used both the Easter grass and the gift bag filler in the jar to fill it up almost to the top. The battery operated votives have a switch on the bottom, so I used some sticky velcro on the inside of the lid, and on the back of the votive to hold them in. This way I can pull the votive off to turn the switch on for the light to flicker inside the jar. I used different colors of ribbon and tied charms and beads to them, and wrapped and tied them around the neck of the mason jar. You can use any jar you like for this. I happened to have some old blue mason jars I made my own out of, and some older glass mayonnaise jars for my daughter and daughter in law. I painted the lids on those.


Quinta said...

Well said.

Erin said...

So cute! I'm gonna try a variation to make hanging fairies out of pics of my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!