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Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Mason Jars

Here are a couple more ideas for using mason jars. HossFly took 3 of the jars, 2 quart ones, and 1 pint sized, and wired them all together to make me a hanging candle light in a tree out front. I don't know what size the wire was, but it was some I bought at WalMart, I bet you could use wire coat hangers,too. He used 4 pieces of wire down the sides and fit each jar between the wires. Then he used another piece of wire and wrapped it around the neck of each jar to hold it up, and another piece of wire under each jar. We put a little sand in the bottom, and a votive candle in each. I keep the lids out there to put on when I'm not using, to keep the rain out. These have been out there for a couple years now, they have a nice rusty look, but still strong.
And how about a great bird feeder? We bought one at a yard sale so we could copy it! This is a mason jar, with one of those screw on biddy(baby chicken) feeders. They sell them at feed stores(where we found them) at about $2.00-$2.50 each. You'll need an eye bolt, and rubber washers, and glass drill bit the size of your bolt,a mason jar, and a glass or ceramic dinner plate, an S-hook and some chain. HossFly wound up using hemastats he borrowed from a friend to get the hardware on. All in all it was pretty easy, the hardest part was coming up with the idea of using the hemastats to reach up in there! Birds love it, it stays pretty dry, and not hard to refill.

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