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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yard Sale Goodies!

Mondays are gonna be the "tell me what ya got this weekend" posts! So if you found a treasure lately, tell us all about it,whether it's from a yard sale, a thrift store, curb shopped or given to you. I'll start with weekend treasures my youngest sister brought to me. First is this gorgeous Lime Green Carnival Glass Punch Bowl, with all 12 cups, no chips or cracks, perfect condition. The set is from the '70s, has its box, but is missing the green plastic hooks that let the cups hang from the bowl, and the ladle. Too bad you can't see the irredecscent colors! Next is a set of dominoes, and I've been looking for some of these at the yard sales lately, but hadn't found any. I want to make jewelry with them. She also got about 20 decks of playing cards and I plan on using those for ATC's. These have the corners clipped off, since they came from the local Gulf Coast casinos....but I can use them! And 2 papier mache hatboxes I think I'll decoupage,whooooot! There's more, but I can't remember, it was a lot of goodies!
I checked out some rubber stamps at The Enchanted Gallery......lovelovelove these stamps, how cool is that that they're for dominoes??? And look at those mermaids!
As far as the hat boxes go, I don't know what room in the house I'll use them in, or I'd know how to finish them. My sister did give me an awesome rooster print to decoupage on them, I might use it.
It's Monday......tell me about YOUR treasures!


Bev said...

Gee, if I knew you were looking for dominoes....when I stopped at a store north of me this weekend, I could have got you some real neat ones. Next time I will have to remember.


Kudzu said...

Oh, how sweet of you! After October 4 I'll start working on some other crafts, and the dominoes are at the top of the list.