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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making Curtains Out Of Sheets

I started sewing the curtains, and I wanted waterfall valances but wound up with something totally different. I should have paid more attention in Mr. Shaw's Algebra class. But these are okay, and I'm happy with them. Not bad for a total of $38 for four sets of sheets at Family Dollar! Yesterday I hung them up on the front window, and today I finished a set for another window. I finished the panels for the french doors,too. I can't wait to hang them up, but the Saints are ahead and HossFly looks content on the sofa, so I'm going to wait til the game is over. Here's the sheets and here's the curtains. Pay no attention to the stack of DVD's or the television. We're moving all of that to the other side of the room, and finally hooking a Home Theater system back up. I wish I could decide how to arrange the furniture....I'm not one of those people who just know how it should be placed!
The side panels puddle on the floor. My dogs are gonna love that, something to wipe their faces on! My next project is to cover the throw pillows on the loveseat and sofa.
Next time you need curtains, try using some sheets. You get a lot of yardage for little money, they go on sale all the time, and come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

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