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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Craft Sale Is Over

The sale is over....whew. I did lousy, made enough to cover the booth and that's about it. And an antique store owner asked me to take a booth in his store.
But...let me show you what I bought at a yard sale yesterday. A couple yards of this striped upholstery for .50 and five tapestries for .25 each. I was thinking I could cover the throw pillows with the tapestries and use the striped to cover the Lazy Boy recliner. I haven't draped it over the chair yet to see if it's enough. How did I get these roses in my decorating? *sigh* I can live with it if HossFly can. At least we got window coverings. The last time HossFly bought me roses I saved them to dry in the back room, so I'll add some to my starfish wreath, and maybe it'll go with the look a little more.
Now that this sale is over I can go back to sewing and finish the living room curtains. Only 4 more panels and 4 more valances. That's a lot of yards of fabric to starch and iron! Oh, and the covers for the 4 throw pillows.

Here's a photo of the metal flowers I bought at Dollar General. My little "tin" garden. The rabbit bird house isn't up there any more, fell during a tornado and I never picked it back up! lol...strangest thing, I used silicone to glue the stake for the red bird into the tree, and couldn't pull it loose when I was getting the yard ready for hurricane season. It and the bird made it through all the storms. The cat I took down, and just got back up, but the mason jar candle lights are still lying on the ground. The other side of this tree is our Wizard of Oz tribute, with the tree face and yellow brick 3 grandchildren racing off to the Emerald City. I had a blue glass gazing ball for the Good Witch to come down in, but a branch fell out of the tree and broke it. I also made Dorothy's red shoes, and Hoss brought me home a small oil can. All the kids just have to put those red shoes on! And some kids talk to the tree face......I wonder if it talks back?
Here is a little collage I made from a photo I found on the 'net, and the writing I found on yet another.


cindee said...

I saw your link on garden junk. I just wanted to say hi!!! I will be back soon and I added you to my blog list(-:

Kudzu said...

So glad to see you're such a great inspiration on Garden Web :)