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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Ready To Craft For Halloween

I love Halloween. I don't know why, I never got to go trick-or-treating or have a costume.In fact, I only remember one Halloween in my whole life. And the only reason I remember is because it was just so awful and still gives me nightmares to this day. I was 10 years old. We wound up over a bridge late Halloween night near the family cemetary during heavy rains when the river was flooded. I waited in the car ( a light blue Chrysler Imperial... like a WAS a tank) to be rescued while the cold water rushed in and the car sank lower and lower. Some of the groceries floated up to the surface, and so did a baton my mother had bought for my twin sister. I reached down and grabbed a few things, including that baton. As a matter of fact, I even had my wits enough to grab my mothers purse out of the car. We walked to a house down the road, and had to wade through a low spot that was flooded. The water was up to my knees, I was wearing this plaid quilted wrap-around skirt (remember when those were COOL?) and just as we got halfway across, there was this horrible howl. I just KNEW it was a werewolf...that's exactly how it sounded, and I'd seen all the movies on Morgus the Magnificent and it WAS Halloween, after all! We all screamed and started running, and I of course dropped the baton. After a minute my mother stopped, and realized it was a dog that had been run over, and lying half dead in the ditch. She made me walk back and get that damn baton. I was screaming and crying, still terrified of that "werewolf"(oh, I knew it had to be a real werewolf.) That stupid skirt was so heavy, and I was so cold. Oh, and I had chicken-pox at the time, and got so infected in the nasty river water, and wound up with some ugly scars. And my father had that car pulled out of the river, dried it out, and drove it for a very long time. I have nightmares where I'm trapped in a car under water.
Good times, good times*sigh*

So anyway, after that sentimental tale, I'd like to show you what I made today. I thought I'd try to put up a Halloween craft or two every day. These are kid 5 year-old grandson made some,too, so I can tell you they are FAST, and EASY lol!
For the first one, I drew a ghost shape free-hand on some waxed paper, and gave my grandson a bottle of school glue and told him to outline it and fill it in. Easy, easy. I gave him 2 tiny black pom-poms for eyes. You can use whatever you have....buttons,beads,wiggly eyes. After it dries, I'm going to use a hole punch to make a hole for hanging with string. You can add string to it before it dries. We used 4 oz. bottles of white school glue, and it took half a bottle to make 2 ghosts each about 3"x5", and he really enjoyed this. I got this idea from
The glue ghosts will take a good 24 hours or so to dry. Once dry you peel them off the waxed paper.

The next project is Tootsie Roll Pop Spiders. I bought the miniature kind that comes 135 in a bag for $2 at the dollar store. I took 4 black pipe cleaners and cut them in half since we didn't need them that long. Put the 4 pipe cleaner halves together and twist them at the center onto the handle of the Tootsie Pop, and shape into spider legs. Glue wiggly eyes on. Easy! I got this idea from Thrifty
I didn't have wiggly eyes, so I used a tiny black pompom and put some red glitter glue on it.
He also loved this project, and it might be a good one for his Kindergarten class.


cindee said...

Yikes your Halloween story is really scary. I hope that poor dog was able to get help. That was sad too. I don't remember any terrible Halloweens that I had so I guess that is why I love Halloween!!!
I remember those wrap around skirts. They were super easy to sew too! Thanks for sharing your crafts. I love the ghosts!!!

Kudzu said...

I don't know, but I'm guessing that dog died way out there in the middle of the country. It was late at night,too...we just ran away from it, it scared us half out of our minds. I still can't go over that bridge without breaking out in a cold sweat and shaking.