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Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday-Talk About Your Treasures!

Here's what I got Friday......24 quilted muslin angel wings for a quarter, to go with the heart shaped quilt cut-outs my sister bought me a little while back at another yard sale, I was hoping to make some angels with that and some fabric yo-yo's I found at Hobby Lobby for .75. I'd love to add some buttons,too, if possible. Any suggestions?? Let me know!
I got this package of raffia? curled doll hair,too.
I got a half dozen packages of silver plated charms of angels,butterflies,cherubs,etc. , and one package of 24 kt. gold plated charms for a quarter each.
Look at the vintage long white ladies gloves still in original package for .75.
A cup of costume jewelry and buttons for a quarter.
A set of 3 lights I want to use with Starbucks frappucino bottles I saved, for some kind of light display. I'm going to use Char's tutorial for grubby scented silicone bulbs The Pickled Pepper Patch . I'd like to say Thank You for such a great tutorial and I'll take a pic when I finish( you should check out ALL the great things on her blog...I want to make every one of them! )
I have a lot of crocheted doilies I'd like to make some pastel colored dream catchers out of, with these pastel feathers and beads. Hopefully I'll remember to walk out to the back yard to yank out some grapevines for frames for those.
Yesterday my grandson and I made some glue ghosts and I posted the photo of them, but they weren't dry yet. Now they're dry and I have some hints and tips.
I drew the outline of the ghost onto the waxed paper with a permanent marker and then we traced it and filled it in with glue. Well, the permanent marker came up with the ghost when I peeled it off, so I'd suggest if you draw the outline, to flip the waxed paper over and then trace it on the back side. Other than that, it all went fine and was an awesome project and would be good for Kindergarten ages and older. I'm just going to trim the red marker off with scissors.
The glue ghosts came from Kaboose.Com, you should check it out,a great site.

I forgot to mention that I tried the styrofoam cup ghosts, and it didn't come out right, but I will try again. I think because I used the much bigger than average coffee cups. They tipped over the second they started melting, but I could tell it would work the way it was supposed to with shorter cups. I'm sorry but I couldn't find a photo anywhere of these. Maybe someone can help me out here :) If nothing else I can cut the tall cups shorter! ha!!

Another thing I did today for Halloween was make the Torn Witches Curtains
from Martha and

they look terrific! The slightest breeze makes them flutter, and I can just imagine how spooky it would be at night. This is a black garbage bag cut into strips on the open end of the bag stopping a few inches from the end. After you cut strips, then cut off the seamed(closed) end. Open it up, pull all the strips into separate pieces; we used a staple gun to hang it up from the porch roof....and then you pull and stretch and tug on the ends to achieve the look seen here. Easy easy....the kids will all love it, so will you! Now I'm going to go outside and finish stretching and shaping my strips!


cindee said...

I saw this in the magazine(-: I wanted to do this too. It sounds easy to do but I haven't tempted it yet.

Kudzu said...

It is so easy....and looks just like that picture from the magazine :) It only took a few minutes to make since I had someone holding one end of the garbage bag for me. I love Martha Stewart.