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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Tussie-Mussie and A Woven Construction Paper Pumpkin finally happened. Today I was asked if I needed the age 55-and-older discount. I choked, and I must've had a real look of horror on my face when I hissed "noooooooooooo". *sigh*
Today I have another quick and easy pumpkin craft. Add the face for Halloween, leave it off for Thanksgiving! I cut strips from orange construction paper and we used a glue stick to assemble them, starting with a "+" and working our way around. You'll have to fit your fingers inside to get the last ones on. Then I cut a small strip of green for the stem and folded the ends down for a stem, and cut a large leaf from green and glued it on. You may want to use a pipe cleaner for the stem. Good for kindergarten age children. Easy easy!

Here is a Tussie Mussie I made up to see if the pattern worked out right. This one is cardstock and has a treat bag with gold stars on it lining the cone. I glued some pre-gathered cotton lace on the top edge, and used a beige cord for the handle. There is a wire-edged ribbon rose I made and a gold trinket decorating the lace, and a crystal hanging out of the bottom. I filled the treat bag with buttons and beads and tied it with a bit of ribbon. I want to make a lot for the Kindergarten class in a vintage Halloween style. Since it's more for a 5 year old to decorate, I bought stickers and pipe cleaners and crepe paper.

It's Cruisin' The Coast again! October 5-October 12, with 3,450 vehicles registered by August, and surely a lot more since. Here is what is being raffled off this year , and I'm quoting from the web site,lol.....
"The 1970 Chevelle SS (shown below) is a 396 c.i. V-8 with a Muncie four speed transmission. It's rated at 375 (plus) horsepower. It has Hooker Headers and a 780 Holley carb. The differential is a Ford 9 inch with GM hubs - 3:55 gears. The front brakes are disc. It has a Torque Thrust exhaust system so its a bit loud. It's a great driver!"

Raffle tickets here. Hey, maybe this year I'll win!!! At least I'll get my yearly Cruisin' The Coast tee-shirt. Or not. Because I don't think I'd get a 55-and-older discount :)
If you're anywhere nearby, come on down and check it out.

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