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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Handprint Bat

I love anything that involves your childs handprints in a craft, so when I saw this cute bat, we had to make it. Trace each hand on fun foam and cut out. Make a little bat body,glue on a pompom for the nose, add wiggle eyes and some bat teeth :) Easy easy, I even had my almost 3 year old great niece over here making one. She held still and let us trace both her hands! And my 10 year old niece made one,too,along with my 5 year old grandson. This is his.

I stopped at a thrift store the other day and bought some more albums for purses. How about Pat Benatar, Liberace, and a Hawaiian Melodies( not sure,didn't check, but it looks early 60s). I never found a pattern so HossFly had to help me make one up. This was all I bought at the thrift store....I felt good about that.
I made myself finish those living room curtains. Nothing more boring than starching and ironing and sewing yards of fabric. At least it was all straight lines: They look can hardly see the day-glo orange silly putty on the white sheers. And the house is starting to get with the fall smells like apple-cinnamon thanks to the essential oil my daughter picked up for me. As soon as she got here, I dabbed some on all the light bulbs and left cotton balls soaked in it around the house. Have you ever gotten that stuff on your face? be careful, it burns a LOT..make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you touch anything else!!

Here is something cute to make. My daughter in law made the one with my granddaughter and my oldest grandson(yeah,the boys are both 5,lol, but this one is 3 months older). I made one with my youngest grandsons photo. I asked her if she minded if I poured resin over it to make it permanent, and she didn't mind at all. You can see it came out great! I added some velvet trims and some old and new buttons and dried silk roses, etc. I used Clear Cast, the same thing I made the necklaces with.

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