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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Easy Halloween Crafts

I finally got around to trying out some Halloween crafts I had mentioned earlier, The Origami Bats, and The Styrofoam Cup Ghosts. We also made a Halloween treat cone and a Witches Hand. The bats were really super simple and looked great. Instead of the glow-in-the-dark paint for the eyes, we used orange sequins. I think I made the treat cone/tussie mussie...too big. I'm going to work on that! For the witches hand, I traced my grandsons hand onto green craft foam and let him cut it out. And I free-hand cut out some fingernails from purple craft foam. He used purple glitter glue to decorate the nails and a red paint pen to paint veins on it.
Those stryo-cup ghosts are still giving me fits, I can't seem to get it right. But here's our last attempt. The oven was pre-heated for 10 minutes at 250 and I watched until I saw them melt, and I took them out. There must be another trick or a step I'm leaving out, because I've seen pictures of these and theirs looked so cute! Oh well, I'm going to call this an example of something I'm not going to waste my time,money or energy on anymore...hehe!!
Here's the crafts...

I've made 4 more button fairy bodies and after I go print out some more family photos I'll make them up. My crappy printer won't work anymore, and after I fed it new ink,too!!!! This is causing problems with crafting,too,since I can't print out any patterns.
I found the Witches Hand here at
The Origami Bats here at

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