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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghostly Photos

Guess what?? I'm STILL painting picture frames. But there IS a lot of them :)
Have you ever taken a photo and had something "funny" show up in it? I have, and I'm going to share some of these with you. Some were taken with different 35mm's, and some with disposable cameras, and others with a digital.

This one was taken in my front yard one summer night last year with a digital camera.

Here is my niece modeling a costume I made her a few years ago on a Halloween night.Disposable camera.

This is my grandson playing peekaboo with someone we couldn't camera.

This is my living room one Christmas,family and friends, disposable camera.

The dog was growling in this room, so I snapped a few pics and got camera.There is a blue ball of light in the middle of the yellow light, moving left and right.

I had refinished the floors in my bedroom, so no furniture or anything at all,I told my sister to come see how they came out while I took a pic of it for my house remodeling photo album. This blue hand showed up in only one of the photos. Digital camera.

Went to check solar lights on my son's grave one night, I asked him to wave bye to me, and got this. Digital camera. Batteries went dead.

I have tons more I'd like to share, so maybe tomorrow.

I forgot to can view these in Paint and then view inverted can see the "funny" stuff a lot better.

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