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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Late Start

Today I slept 4 1/2 hours longer than I normally do. Everything hurts and I feel like I didn't have any sleep at all, and what woke me up was a horrible nightmare that I can't even remember! It's nice outside,though, so I went ahead painted six more picture frames, and now I'm waiting on them to dry. Maybe I won't get any hung up after all.
Does anyone still make candied apples for Halloween? I can remember having those at school parties, but I've never made them. I have made caramel apples when my children were young and in school. You can buy both of these already made for you...and I have to admit I've paid money for them a couple times, but the taste isn't there. I think a Mama must have to dip her little pinky in to make something come out good so I've found recipes for both and here are the links.. Red Hot Candy Apples at and Caramel Apples at . We used to make Popcorn Balls for school parties,too, and now I see they sell those ready-made as well. I can't imagine leaving out the fun of making them and I don't know how a store-bought Popcorn Ball would taste...can you still buy a bag of pop-it-yourself popcorn?? LOL... I seriously don't know. We buy the grandkids microwave popcorn in mini bags :) The recipe for those is at Nowadays they have the coolest foods for Halloween...these Mummy Dogs sound like they'd actually get eaten. This is just one of the places this recipe is...and that's at 365 . I really like the idea of mustard for the eyes.
That's it for today......maybe a photo or two for you

I hope I didn't already post this....apologies if I did. This is something I learned from Garden Junk....a birdbath made from old vases and saucers and stuff. Really beautiful out in the sunlight.

A small plate I mosaiced, I like how it turned out....buttons!

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